How to Prevent the Recurrence of Genital Warts in Dubai?

A genital wart is a harmless skin growth in intimate areas. That appears in the genital area and around the anus. This growth is itchy and unpleasant. And it is known as a sexual transfer infection. There are many factors that are the reason for this infection. But sometimes patients experience a recurrence of infection after treatment. If you are also searching for How to Prevent the Recurrence of Genital Warts in Dubai. We will show you how to avoid them in this section.

Practice safe sex by using condoms, and avoid having many sexual partners. And get regular check-ups and screenings for HPV and other STIs. You should warn any sexual partners. And prevent any sexual contact while you are having symptoms. It is necessary that you get the HPV vaccination to lower the chance of recurrence. We also offer Genital Warts Removal in Dubai.


If candidates have a recurrence of genital warts, they should see a doctor. They will prescribe other suitable procedures. The procedures are very effective and can remove them permanently. The following are the goals of genital wart recurrence treatment:

  • Getting rid of clear warts.
  • Keeping the virus from spreading to other sections of the body or to other persons.
  • Reducing the chances of recurrence.
  • Reducing the physical and mental agony because of warts.
  • Maintaining the damaged area’s appearance and function.

What Causes the Recurrence of a Genital Wart?

The most important factor is the inexperienced doctors for the treatment. An experienced doctor will recommend suitable treatment. Because of the persistence of the human papillomavirus (HPV) in the body. That is the reason genital warts can recur. Even if warts appear to be gone after treatment. The virus may still be present in the skin and cause new warts to form. Recurrence is also possible if the person contacts an infected person. The other reason is if their immune system is weak.

How to Prevent the Recurrence of Genital Warts?

Genital warts are treatable but not curable. Even after the Warts Removal in Dubai, The HPV that causes them will remain. There is no way to know for certain when HPV will go away on its own. Some people will get warts again, while others will not. But the following are the most important preventive measures:

  • When your warts have been removed, do not scratch them, and keep the area clean.
  • Avoid touching the area where the warts were.
  • Avoid feeling uncomfortable when having sex.
  • A cold pack may help you feel better if the area hurts or is swollen.
  • The expert will prescribe you pain relievers to help.
  • Always perform protective sex.


If you feel itching, burning sensations, or pain, there is no need to worry; we have solutions. If you are curious about the progression of the infection. Your doctor can help you cure it with drugs or surgery. There are many treatment options available to treat the problem. The following are the most effective therapies for the infection:

  • Medications. These include genital wart topical treatments that will be applicable to your skin. If your problem is in the initial stage, it is best to seek treatment.
  • Surgery. Large warts or warts that do not respond to medicine may need surgery. The following are the surgical techniques:
  • Cryotherapy. In this method, liquid nitrogen cooling works by inducing blisters. That grows around warts. When your skin heals, the lesions fade away, revealing new skin. To get a beneficial effect, you may need to repeat the therapy.
  • Electrocautery. An electric instrument involves in this operation to burn off warts. Following the surgery, you may have some pain and edema. But the outcomes will last longer.
  • Surgical removal. If all the treatments are not effective, then you need to select another method. So, they will be reduced with the invasive methods by your doctor. This treatment will require local or general anesthesia. So, you may experience pain after the procedure.
  • Laser treatment. This method is amazing and infection free. which employs a powerful beam of light. That removes the dead skin cells without harming the surrounding area. Because this is a non-invasive treatment.


The Cost of Warts Removal Treatment in Dubai is very low. It ranges from AED 600. This is not a constant cost because it depends on many factors. The following are the cost-influencing factors:

  • The doctors’ skills and experience.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • The condition of the applicants.

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