Teeth Whitening Deals and Offers Dubai

Teeth discoloration is a major problem that draws attention. It has nothing to do with vigorous brushing or brushing multiple times. Therefore, you need to seek teeth whitening treatment if you are facing excessive teeth discoloration that is not removable through normal ultrasonic scaling. We provide the most effective and long lasting teeth whitening in Dubai. Down below is a little detail attached to each of the whitening treatments our clinic serves you with. 

What are the Causes of  Tooth Discoloration? 

Staining Through Beverages:

People who drink coffee and tea or any other beverage that has added colors in it are most likely to absorb the strains present in them. It is a very common cause of staining. It can be removed by the ultrasonic scaling but if staining is turning permanent then seeking a teeth whitening treatment becomes mandatory.

Smoking and Betel Nut Chewing: 

Tobacco present in cigarettes is one of the main culprits for tooth discoloration. 

Use of Antibiotics During the Intrauterine Life:

According to studies it is confessed that a mother who has taken antibiotics during her pregnancy, especially tetracycline, is most likely to result in the grayish discoloration of the permanent teeth of the baby in the future. The tetracycline staining affects the tooth buds. 

Vigorous Brushing: 

People believe that excessively or harshly brushing the teeth can remove the discoloration from  them and can whiten their teeth.  Little do they know that this will only fade the outer layer of enamel that is present over the dentine. Once the enamel layer fades off the yellow color of dentine starts to appear. 

What are the teeth whitening treatment options? 

Teeth whitening treatments are divided into: 

  • At home teeth whitening. 
  • In house teeth whitening treatments. 
  • At home. 

Home Remedies:

Using baking soda with vinegar over the surface of the teeth by gently rubbing them is said to slightly whiten the teeth but that is only to a very minimum extent. 

Teeth Whitening Strips:

This is one of the easiest methods when one can follow at home also. Teeth whitening strips are made of polythene that is a form of very thin plastic. The plastic is coated with a very mild hydrogen peroxide layer which is the main agent in whitening the teeth and can be applied on to the surface of the teeth but it is important to follow the instructions present on the leaflet. Teeth whitening strips in Dubai are easily available in our clinic as well as over the counter. 

Teeth Whitening Kits: 

Teeth whitening kits include 6% hydrogen peroxide that is to be mixed with water and applied in the form of a paste over the surfaces of the teeth. It is then rinsed off leaving a clear white shiny surface. 

Office Bleaching:

This professional whitening treatment for teeth is one of the most successfully running treatments worldwide. Teeth whitening in clinic is done by using 10% of hydrogen peroxide diluted with water and is applied over the surfaces of the teeth. Unlike  home whitening kits the hydrogen peroxide is slightly in a greater amount that is why it is more beneficial than home whitening kits. 

Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening:

Another more improved and effective technique is the zoom laser whitening treatment. It involves a procedure similar to in house bleaching. The difference is that the high voltage laser light is applied on to the surface to activate and breakdown the oxygen present in the hydrogen peroxide. As a consequence the oxygen enters into the surface of an enamel making it classical  white. You can read down below to know about the zoom teeth whitening cost in Dubai

What is the Cost of  Teeth Whitening Treatment in Dubai? 

We have launched  some very exciting deals in offers of the whitening treatment. Here’s a closer look. 

  • Teeth whitening strips 500 AED.
  • Teeth whitening in clinic 999 AED.
  • Teeth whitening home kit 999 AED.
  • Teeth whitening refill 300 AED.
  • Zoom laser teeth whitening 1999 AED.
  • Composite Veneers 600 AED for (20 teeths). 

The Wrap Up!

Book your favorite teeth whitening deals and offers before you sign in to any event or occasion! We have been providing the best teeth whitening in Dubai for ages and would like to serve you too.