Teeth Sensitivity After Whitening in Dubai

The first 72 hours of teeth whitening are delicate. Sensitivity and inflict pain hits each time when teeth are exposed to things of extreme temperatures (hot or cold foods). But that’s not just the case. Teeth sensitivity affects 50% of the population, not just those who undergo teeth whitening. Still, the concern of “Teeth sensitivity after whitening in Dubai” is most raised by people who plan to undergo dental whitening because “sensitivity” is the only side effect reported.

So what makes teeth sensitive? Or what should you do if you experience teeth sensitivity after whitening? Read the experts’ advice.

Teeth Whitening Ways:

You can whiten your teeth at the dentist’s office or perhaps with a couple of home remedies. All it depends upon your comfortability and extent of dental problem. Following are techniques that help you get sparkling, shiny teeth.

  1. Home remedies
  2. Whitening strips
  3. Teeth whitening (scaling and polishing)

Note that: Whatever the treatment you try, prefer to receive it under an expert’s supervision. It might be possible that the treatment you are doing by yourself may leave an adverse reaction on your teeth, so carefully choose your way.

Besides, never visit an untrained, unhygienic dentist.

Teeth Sensitivity Causes:

The process of teeth whitening causes sensitivity itself. Whatever the procedure you decide to peruse, whether it’s scaling, bleaching, polishing, or even whitening kits. Chemical solution when interacts directly with dentin tubules—sensitivity level gets high.

Be aware: Pearly white teeth don’t magically come out. The delicate process of teeth whitening entails numerous techniques. Each procedure penetrates the upper layer of tooth structure exposing the hidden layer.

How Long does Teeth Sensitivity Last?

Teeth sensitivity after whitening in Dubai is just a matter of a few days. By the end of the week, sensitivity won’t be longer a major concern. Since it’s temporary, you can handle it by yourself at home or perhaps by following the dentist’s advice.

Prevent Teeth Sensitivity:

After teeth whitening, the dentist mostly advises eating ice cream. This delicious aftercare acts as cold compression to reduce the pain and swelling. Know that sensitivity goes away by itself. However, it’s best to give teeth extra protection for more safe and secure results.

  • Use desensitizer after whitening
  • Adjust your diet. (Eat soft foods)
  • Use prescribed toothpastes for the first 24 hours then switch back to the regular one
  • Don’t over-bleach teeth. Pay attention to how your teeth feel

What To Do If Sensitivity Persists?

Teeth sensitivity goes away itself. Still, if it doesn’t disappear even after a few days, never mind meeting dentists. Our specialists will find the root cause of the problem to provide protective measures for permanent relief.

Medicines, toothpaste, or perhaps the post-care, you will be given all the best ways to address the problem. Never hesitate to receive trusted dental services.

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