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Do not worry if you have a bald, patchy head that is constantly losing hair. The science of hair regrowth has come a long way now and thanks to it, there are safe procedures, such as stem cell hair transplant, through which the dense hair you once had can be brought back through. If you are looking for the price of a stem cell hair transplant, you have come to the right place as we can inform you about the average price in Dubai. This blog is targeted at providing information regarding hair transplants in general as well as hair transplants in Dubai and their cost.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are famously known for their ability to regenerate new cells within the body. They do not have a specific function but their capability to divide and regenerate themselves into either stem cells or other, different kinds of cells makes them beneficial in the repairment of certain damaged tissues in the body by replacing them with new cells. The process of hair transplant using stem cells is known as stem cells hair transplant and helps promote the regrowth of hair for people suffering from hair loss, which might be caused by bodily factors such as chemotherapy or hormonal imbalance, as well as aging or stress. Such a kind of hair loss is known as alopecia.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant:

The only difference between a traditional hair transplant and a stem cell hair transplant is that instead of removing a volume of hair as it is done in the former, a small skin patch is removed, and hair follicles are taken from it. These follicles once replicated in a laboratory, are then transplanted into patches of the scalp where hair loss is dominant. Not only does the hair grow back at the spot from where the follicles were harvested, but they also start emerging from where they were implanted.


The removal of cells or tissues from the body is known as a biopsy. In the first step of the procedure, stem cells are extracted from the person with a punch biopsy which is done by the use of an instrument that has a circular blade fixed on it. The blade is then used to carve out a cylindrical sample of tissue. Using a machine called a centrifuge which leaves behind a cell suspension, the stem cells and the tissue are separated. The suspension is then implanted in areas where hair loss is prevalent. The processes of stem cell transplant may vary but the idea is essentially the same, which is using a patch of skin from the patient to grow new hair follicles.


The pools of stem cells residing in the hair follicles get damaged and end up dying altogether because of many factors as time passes. However, through the use of stem cells, hair follicles can become stronger, and healthier, and can help ‘reactivate’ the once healthy hair follicles. Moreover, in stem cell hair transplants, there is no surgery required and they are much less painful. They cause minimal scarring as well since instead of removing the entire scalp, only a patch of follicles of hair is carved out. Therefore, this procedure is relatively gentle as compared to surgical hair loss treatments.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

Once the process is done, some pain is expected naturally which should not take more than a week to ease up. Excessive exercise should be avoided post-hair loss treatment or hair transplant. The patch from where the skin is removed might get scared.

Our clinic offers stem cell transplants in Dubai for multiple hair loss cases such as male androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, which is female pattern baldness, as well as cicatricial alopecia, in which scar tissue replaces the hair follicles after they are destroyed.

Stem Cell Transplant Treatment Cost in Dubai:

One of the most popular treatments for hair loss is a stem cell hair transplant in Dubai. The inhabitants of Dubai are rapidly opting for this treatment as the results have been quite satisfying. As far as stem cell hair transplant cost in Dubai is concerned, the price will vary according to the chosen surgeon. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, you will get a stem cell hair transplant treatment at around AED 1500 for 1 session, AED 3150 for 3 sessions, and AED 4150 for 4 sessions. This, however, is not a fixed price all over Dubai, naturally. In fact, in addition to the surgeon’s fee, it will depend upon the situation of your hair as well. If you have large hairless patches, you may have to attend more sessions which means that you will have to pay more. Likewise, fewer hairless patches would mean fewer sessions and, thus, less cost. You can be informed about this by your surgeon. In conclusion, it is essential to consult your surgeon to know the exact stem cell hair transplant cost in Dubai with all the factors combined. Once your situation has been examined, your surgeon will be able to answer all your queries accurately and precisely for you.

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