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Infections, cvities ,fractured teeth are all that force a person to think of getting it pulled out. Little do people know that it is easier to get a tooth extracted but the replacement is far more harder than anything else. The integrity and function of your natural tooth can never be replaced by any artificial tooth. Therefore it is better to get yourself treated with a root canal treatment rather than getting it extracted out. Remember that if you are going for a root canal then you should get it done from the best dentist in UAE.

What is a Root Canal Treatment? 

You must have come across this term “root canal treatment” multiple times. It is a conventional dental procedure that involves cleaning of the canals and roots of the teeth by debriding them and filling them up. It basically is done for getting rid of the infection that has formed below the surface of the roots.

What are the Conditions that Require Root Canal Treatment? 

  • Infection in the tooth followed by cavity .
  • elective root canal treatment.

In a tooth that is to be used as an abutment for bridge:

  •  after any history of trauma to the tooth involving pulp. 
  •  before the crown placement.

What are the Symptoms that can Validate the Need for Root Canal Treatment? 

  • Severe pain in the tooth.
  • pain that can spread into the head and neck region.
  • nocturnal pain causing you to wake up from a deep sleep .
  • chronic history. 
  • sensitivity to hot and cold.

What are the Steps of a Root Canal Treatment? 

Evaluation,  History and Examination:

The dentist will first examine the oral cavity and will locate the culprit tooth. 

He will tap on it and will see how painful the response is. The dentist will also use a sensitivity test to check how far the patient is able to stand the sensitivity to hot and cold.


The patient will be told to get a small  (Peri apical x-ray) done. 

The dentist will study the X-ray and will look for the radiolucency appearing in the culprit tooth. 

Working Length Determination:

One of the most important parts of the root canal treatment in Dubai is recording the working length. 

Working length is basically the length of the root canal which is supposed to be maintained throughout the treatment.  Exceeding the working length or under reaching it may lead to a total failure of the treatment. 

Access Cavity Preparation:

The crown portion which is mostly cavitated and consists of a huge amount of bacteria is supposed to be excavated off.

Pulp Debridement:

 In this stage the pulp present in the crown portion will also be removed. The excavation is important because this will then clear up and elaborate the canal orifices. 

Cleaning and Shaping:

Once the pulp is removed and the orifices  are clear the dentist will now use fine and thin files according to the numbers that  correlate with the working length to clean and shape the canals. 

Filling of the Canals:

After the cleaning and shaping the dentist will ensure that the roots are well tapered and no ledge or perforation has taken place. The canal is filled with a material called Gutta Percha which requires some amount of heat to seal it. 

Core Build Up:

Since the pulp has been excavated from the crown portion the filing of the crown is as important as the filling of the canal.  Filling material such as composite is used to fill the crown portion.

Crown Preparation and Placement:

A lot of people believe that once the root Canal is done and the tooth is filled the procedure of a root canal is completed.  Note that the treatment does not end here. It is very important for the root canal treated tooth to be given a crown because it needs to be secured and prevent bacteria from re- entering into the tooth. The best dentist in UAE will always recommend crown placement after a root canal treatment.

The final verdict!

Root canal treatment might seem lengthy to you but it is worth it because it saves your tooth from further damage and from spreading the infection to the neighboring tooth, you can contact us on our toll free number for the root canal treatment cost in Dubai