Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai

Root canal treatment in Dubai can save the tooth from extraction. So what is the cost of this treatment? Here’s a complete guide. 

As you look at certain aspects of the root canal, eventually you would get back to the amount needed to spend on this procedure. Quite some dental insurance companies partially cover this endodontic treatment. But not all. Based on whether or not you have dental insurance, here is what you can expect to pay, along with basic information about a root canal. Read ahead.

Root Canal Charges in Dubai:

Estimates conclude Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi between AED 1500 ($400) to AED 5000 ($1360) based on the complexity of the problem and affected tooth. As further if extra procedures are required, they may cost a little more.

For an ideal cost appraisal, get a detailed diagnosis from our endodontists.

Prices and Recommendations:

The root canal is uniquely charged for every patient and every tooth as well. This is certainly the main reason behind cost fluctuations. Front teeth, premolar and molar tooth usually have affected nerve tissue and needs a root canal. Although Molars are quite difficult to treat, they have more canals to be filled, so root canal cost becomes high. So prepare yourself to pay more for a root canal if the infection is in your molar or premolar tooth.

Well, a root canal would save your natural teeth and money if the insurance provider covers some percentage of this treatment.

Cost Factors:

Whether your dentist refers you to a specialist or they do the procedure themselves, there are certain cost parameters dependent on the damage to your tooth.

Anyways, it’s quite difficult to estimate the cost without analyzing your situation. But for sure this info can help you. The factors that determine the Root canal treatment cost in Dubai are:

  • Extent of Tooth damage
  • Type of Affected Tooth
  • Number of teeth requiring Root canal
  • The choice of dentist
  • Consultation fees
  • Anesthesia fees, medical tests, and other charges

Retreatment of Root Canals:

Even though if you had a root canal in the past, the infection can still take place. But this only happens when tooth care isn’t properly taken and bacteria persist in teeth. Ultimately, Root canal cost in Dubai becomes high for re-treatment because the entire process turns extensive. Dentists need to drill the previously infected areas to replace them with some proper crown material. This might be why your bill gets higher.

Besides, if you don’t have dental insurance and are worried about the cost of a root canal, talk to our dentist. They can arrange a special discount for you.

In Conclusion:

Root canal treatment in Dubai saves the natural tooth. It’s the dental restoration procedure that relieves the tooth pain caused due to infected pulp. Well, it’s not as expensive as the myths revolving around. In general, you are expected to pay around AED 1500 to AED 5000. So plan your budget with this in your mind.

Despite our discounted rates for the root canal, you can check the prices of various other clinics for your consolation. This could be a great help for you in making an authentic decision in this regard. Plus, be sure to get trusted medical assistance. Don’t put your dental health at risk for the sake of some money. Well, you can consider this sensitive dental treatment from our dentists after filling out the consultation form. We always evaluate the teeth first in order to propose a less invasive option.

Let us know your queries regarding Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, for unique guidance.