Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Get a Root Canal Timely and Save your Tooth!

Over time, bacteria persist in teeth causing serious infection in the roots of the tooth that may lead to broken teeth. This infection needs to be treated timely before it becomes complex.

For this, we offer Best Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It involves the careful removal of infected pulp inside the tooth. This disinfects the root canals and saves the teeth from being extracted. Our modern root canal procedure is virtually painless. There is nothing difficult or complex to be scared of. Read on to find a complete guide on this dental procedure.

What is the Root Canal?

It is itself not a treatment- refers to a natural cavity space of a tooth that contains nerve tissue or blood vessels. Once it becomes infected, root canal treatment is done for its repair. This procedure embraces sterilized cleaning of an infected tooth, draining the diseased pulp, and sealing the problematic teeth with medicated sealant.

This method could be a great help in protecting the tooth from being pulled out.

Before & After of Root Canal:

Root canal results are permanent. Various insights into patients’ perceptions prove that teeth become infection-free right after the final session. But remember results can vary. Follow-up appointments are often advised to get more beneficial results.

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In most cases, treating an affected tooth will not create a problem again. However, in case of any pain, contact our dentists directly.


The most major hint that indicates the need behind the RCT is severe toothache while applying pressure, especially in the cavity. If you’re noticing this problem in your daily life then don’t ignore it anymore. Save the functioning of your tooth with root canal treatment. But prefer having prior consultation with our dental experts to find if this is applicable for you. In addition to this, the signs to look for a root canal treatment/ Endodontic treatment are mentioned below. Check out to know if you are going through them.

  • Bad Breath
  • Swollen Gums
  • Cracked or Injured tooth
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Extremely discolored tooth
  • Pimple on Gums


Once you think of yourself as a candidate for this treatment, arrange a meeting with our dentist. The dentists at Dynamic carry out Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah after a detailed diagnosis. This lets them detect the depth of the infected tooth. They conduct x-rays to determine if there is any infection present in the surrounding bone. Plus, they ask different questions regarding your teeth condition and the problems you face on daily basis.

Based on such information they decide on a suitable technique to treat your tooth.


Root canal procedure is complex but comfortable. Patients are kept relaxed throughout the treatment with anesthesia. It needs series of sessions and therefore a number of clinical visits. Plus, it is much more than a routine filling.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for infected tooth nerves.


First of all, the directed tooth is prepared. For this, dentists drill a small access hole on the surface of the tooth and remove the decayed pulp tissue by using suitable files.

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Step


Next, the dentists disinfect the hollow area and cleanse it properly. Later, the tooth is filled with medicated rubber-like material and sealed carefully.

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai Step 2.


The final step in teeth restoration offers protection for treated teeth. It includes the placement of crowns or filling to protect the teeth from breaking. Remember, this covering is temporary, only remains for a few days till final healing.

Note that: After the procedure, the tooth turns out senseless. You won’t be going to feel any sensation because the affected tissue has been disconnected already. Besides, after a few days of treatment you are expected to use the tooth as before but during the tooth healing, follow every single piece of advice from the doctor. Plus, consider the tips mentioned in this article as well.

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai UAE Step 3

Cost of Root Canal Treatment Dubai:

The root canal treatment cost in Dubai roughly starts from AED 2,000 to AED 5,000 .The cost may varies according to the tooth position and levels of severity. Besides, it also depends upon the type of RCT if it’s single sitting or regularly based.

For an ideal cost estimate in your tooth condition, meet our dental experts.


Right after the treatment, pay close attention to your mouth. While it’s obvious that you should not chew or bite anything from the treated tooth until it’s properly healed. Plan meals carefully for the initial days. Soups, smoothies, and soft foods might be the best meanwhile you are recovering from the root canal.

Focus on hygienic oral health. Ensure to take all the prescribed medications timely and don’t forget the post-visits as well. Although the recovery time for a root canal is 7-days however you can pass this even more quickly with proper guidance from dentists.

In case you experience any sort of severe pain or any complication, reach us immediately.

The Takeaway:

The Internal teeth cleaning needs RCT just as the external cleaning routinely needs mouthwashes and various toothpaste. As stated above root canals can save tooth extraction. But in some severe cases, there is a chance of pulling out a problematic tooth and replacing it with an artificial one.

So far our  specialists endodontic perform a root canal intending to save the tooth- You can trust our dental clinic to get your procedure done.

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