Root Canal Causes and Treatments -Prevent and Avoid Tooth Decay


A root canal is a therapy utilized to heal and save a seriously damaged or diseased tooth rather than extract it. The word “root canal” refers to the washing of the canals within the root of a tooth. Root canal procedures used to be quite unpleasant. Most patients experience no discomfort throughout a root canal treatment in Dubai with dental advancements and local anesthetics. In reality, living with a rotting tooth is probably more painful. 

Extraction of the injured tooth, no more treatment, or replacement with a dental implant, bridge, or detachable partial denture are all root canal possibilities. I have described everything about root canal causes and treatments in this article.

What are root canal infections?

Teeth are constructed up of layers rather than solid all the right through. Enamel is thick, outside the covering of a tooth. Dentin, the inner layer, is a porous, nearly sponge-like tissue. Each tooth has a soft substance called a pulp deposit in the middle.

The pulp comprises nerves and blood arteries that enable the tooth to develop. It contains odontoblasts, which are cells that maintain tooth health.

A root canal is a process that eliminates the pulp of teeth that have become infected or damaged due to dental decay or other problems. Root canal therapy could save teeth and is regarded as relatively safe.

Root canal diseases are uncommon, but a tooth can get contaminated even when a root canal has been done.

Root Canal System Infections: What Causes Them?

A good oral hygiene program is essential to avoid various health concerns, particularly root canal system diseases; however, not all root canal infections reasons are avoidable.

Read the list below to discover more about the most common root canal reasons so you can better manage your dental health and, perhaps, prevent root canal treatment in the future.

Tooth Impairment:

If a tooth fracture spreads into the pulp, it may require root canal therapy. Furthermore, if a tooth is struck with considerable power, the nerve at the base of the root might be destroyed, causing the nerve to die. It can be harmful since nerve tissue breaks down during injuries. It implies that germs may increase within the dental pulp, necessitating root canal treatment. 

While tooth loss is not always prevented, quick expert treatment can help treat the problem before it worsens.

Repetitive Dental Procedures:

Dental operations may put a lot of strain on a tooth since frequent drilling can irritate the pulp. It degrades whenever the pulp is injured, and germs increase within the pulp box. Bacteria and other decaying pulp remains can create an infection or an abscessed tooth, which may need root canal treatment to cure. Prioritizing comprehensive post-treatment healthcare can go a bit of a way toward avoiding the requirement for retreatment.

Deep Decay:

When dental decay goes very down into the tooth and enters the pulp, the goop could become irritated and inflamed with germs, much like a broken tooth. The resulting discomfort may indicate that you require endodontic treatment. Sometimes the infection may destroy the nerves within the pulp cells, and the pain will go away—but this does not mean the disease has been treated.

Only a dental expert can give the necessary treatment to treat the infection—and may even help you prevent root canal therapy.

What is the Treatment for Root Canal Infections?

A root canal dentition may be advised to cure a disease and offer the tooth a second opportunity. This retreatment method is comparable to the initial root canal operation.

In most cases, your orthodontist or root canal specialist in Dubai will perform the following procedures during retreatment:

  1. Examine the root canal region for diseased or dying (necrotic) tissue and get an X-ray.
  2. Using a local anesthetic, numb the region around the afflicted tooth.
  3. Wrap a protective covering of the all-around tooth to keep your jaws and mouth safe.
  4. Employ dental drilling to reach the core and root canal region via the covering and enamel.
  5. Remove any old root filler metal or drugs in the root and clean up the region where the muscle is diseased or dead.
  6. After drying the area, fill the freshly sanitized region with suitable, latex-based polymeric filler (gutta-percha).
  7. Fill the tooth with backfill material, like amalgam or hybrid, to protect it and enable it to recover from the disease.
  8. Remove a portion of the upper enamel and install a durable crown above the tooth to prevent secondary infection if necessary.

Root Canal Cost Dubai:

The cost of root canal treatment in Dubai varies from AED 1500 and AED 5000, depending on several cost components that might impact it, such as: 

  • The expert clinician charges.
  • The clinic’s location and surrounding area.
  • The clinic’s reputation.
  • Medications and anesthesia
  • If necessary, many sessions.

Furthermore, if any client wants to learn about more cost-related issues, please contact us.


Root canal diseases are uncommon, although they do occur. After a root canal treatment in Dubai, keep a watch out for any early indications of infection. If you fear your root canal has gotten infected, make an appointment with a doctor as quickly as possible to have it addressed.

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