Revision Rhinoplasty in Dubai UAE

The nose is as vital as different body organs to us. It is not just essential because it makes us look more beautiful, but also in a way that it carries out a breathing process that is a vital feature and beneficial in so many ways. Yes, it’s also true that every person doesn’t have the perfect, sharp and pointed nose and needs to get corrected. But in some cases of Rhinoplasty in Dubai, when fixed, it is not in a way we desired and instead of getting a beautifully-shaped nose, it gets worse, causing more problems. There is also a treatment for nose surgery corrections, Revision Rhinoplasty. 

Revision Rhinoplasty;

Revision Rhinoplasty also called secondary rhinoplasty, is a surgical method specifically designed to correct the nose’s shape, appearance, and functioning that has been gone through the nose surgery once or more than once. Still, correction is needed, or the patient is facing difficulties in breathing.

Reasons to get Revision Rhinoplasty?

There can be several reasons that patients can go for revision rhinoplasty. After one year with the complete primary rhinoplasty results, the patient can opt to get it if they are not satisfied with how the nose looks and is still imperfect. 

But if the condition is severe and has been getting worse with each passing minute, you should immediately consult an expert surgeon. The following might be the some of the reasons:

  • The patient is feeling difficulty in breathing.
  • Nose asymmetries like one side of the nose look sharper and more pointed than the other side of the face.
  • Nose Crookedness (nose not following the straight line down the face centre)
  • Inverted V deformity or middle third of the nose got shrunk.
  • Problems in nose turbinates.
  • Scars on the nose as a result of previous surgery.
  • Flatten nose bridge.

Or the combination of the problems mentioned earlier.

Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure:

The process takes two to four hours to complete and is performed under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. This is an inpatient procedure, requiring a day or night stay to monitor the patient if everything is going right. 

The nose correction is done by the customized therapy for each individual by determining their face, nose shape, and cartilage. The cartilage will be repositioned, or the formation will be replaced by the cartilage taken from the ear, rib, or other body parts. In the end, the skin will be clothed again over the new nasal structure. 

Is it safe to get Revision Rhinoplasty?

The process of revision rhinoplasty is safe, but the safety and effectiveness depend on the cosmetic surgeon’s expertise. Keep in mind that the goal of the treatment should be betterment and improvement, not perfection. Also, not every surgeon who performs primary rhinoplasty can perform the revision rhinoplasty. Only an expert and specialist cosmetic surgeon guarantees you the improvement and minimized risks. 

Down Time of Revision Rhinoplasty:

Time and patience are everything that we must understand. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, and like every surgical process, it takes some time to heal and show the results. Before making a decision in a hurry, the patient must wait for at least one year after the primary rhinoplasty to complete the healing process and remove the swelling until the scar tissue gets softened. Then, you will have a perfect idea of what to do next? The results satisfy you, or more correction is needed.

Cost of Revision Rhinoplasty in Dubai, UAE:

Rhinoplasty cost in Dubai is 28,000 AED as a Standard and as Minimum of 22,000 AED. After examining the patient’s problem, the exact total cost for every patient will be exposed in the consultation. And then, after determining the customized treatment for the patient, the practitioner will finalize the price.

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