Achieve Your Dream Nose with Liquid Rhinoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Are you somebody dreaming of a perfect nose to complement your facial aesthetics? Or do you wish to align the nasal shape to upgrade your features? But, everyone has spoken to you about the surgical methods that will grant you the changes you’re looking for. But, did you know there are two sides to a coin even when referring to cosmetic procedures?  Where there are surgical silicon-based implants to sculpt a nose. We offer a safe and reliable option such as Liquid Rhinoplasty in Dubai. Find out who is it going to work best for and how toAchieve Your Dream Nose with Liquid Rhinoplasty is made possible at our clinic. 

What is the Treatment?

We are all aware of the versatility of dermal injectables, but did you know we can insert the same injections to give you a non-surgical nose job? This method is different and safest for everyone as compared to the traditional option. Similarly, it is powered by HA acid, meaning it is effective for locking and producing collagen cells to address concerns such as droopy nose tips or bumps on top. Also, it can effectively align the symmetry of a crooked nose without exposing you to a scalpel. 

What makes it a Reliable Option for Everyone?

Cosmetic Injectables are marked as the safest treatment for various purposes. However, there are medical complications that need to be addressed before taking the candidate to the treatment room. Those who are taking blood thinning medications or started their pregnancy medical course are advised to pin the thought until delivering the baby. However, after a general check-up, Cosmetologists usually register the interested candidates to opt for the procedure without facing any problems. 

How Long do the Results Last?

Your desired changes will be sustained for 4-6 months. This depends on the product used for your unique needs. Moreover, this is too in cases when the formula doesn’t migrate because with extensive exercise the filler will be dissolved quickly in the body. To stay on the safe side, you are advised to visit us for a follow-up appointment every 3 to 4 months. 

What goes on during the Procedure?

Here is a breakdown of the straightforward and painless process of Liquid Rhinoplasty in Dubai that takes place inside a Doctor’s office.

  • Discuss your concerns and desired outcomes. The expert will examine your structure and inform you about the required percentage to inject.
  • We numb the area with topical anesthesia or apply a gel formula to minimize needle discomfort during the session.
  • Then the injections are filled and one by one, the product is injected into your nose to lift or sculpt the nose.
  • Once the session is complete, we will talk to you about the expected outcomes and initial care for smooth results. 
  • It can take one hour to make your desired changes. However, the results are instant and do not require any downtime either.
  • You will be scheduled for another appointment in a 4 to 6-month period. But you are welcome to visit us anytime you feel like opting for a touch-up. 


Below are some of the best working benefits offered with the Non Surgical Nose Job in Dubai.

  • It is more affordable than the surgical method and you can upgrade the shape slowly without fearing any downsides. 
  • In case you wish to reverse the changes, we do it right away by injecting a special injection to melt the changes without any side effects.
  • Thanks to the quick and effective transformation. You can easily attend any event or get together with a whale new look.
  • The transformation is going to elevate your entire facial persona. Also, it saves you time from failing nose contouring attempts with cosmetics. 
  • Aestheticians will not restrict you from sneezing or washing your face in the next 24 hours. However, you must follow all their safety guidelines for your safety. 
  • Another good thing about the treatment is that it has no hidden side effects. So whether you’re planning to conceive in the future or have already given birth, this is considered to be a safe approach when compared to surgically implanting silicone-based cushions to lift the nose shape. 
  • Lastly, you can feel confident about yourself. You feel good from within and the improved self-esteem will be shown in your attitude as well. 

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