Revision Breast Augmentation Surgery in Dubai

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There are several traits in a person that defines their gender, for women, this is the physical trait of breasts. If a woman is not happy with the way her breasts look, that can have a great impact on her self-esteem, and she can lack confidence as well. Not only does this impact the way she carries herself, but it can also tarnish her mentally, make her feel envious of other people, and ultimately make her depressed.

As technology has so vastly progressed over the past couple of years, there have been innovative ideas introduced for women to comeback insecurities concerning the way their breasts look. Many women opted for surgical procedures, such as Breast Augmentation in Dubai, while others opted for non-surgical ones. The surgical procedure is known to be effective, however, the results may fade over time. On the other hand, non-surgical methods that include the application of creams or practicing certain kinds of exercise, demands consistency and dedication and the results might last for only a short time.

Luckily, to make the results even more efficient after a surgical method has been performed on the breasts, revision breast augmentation surgery in Dubai has been introduced, which takes care of all the details of a breast augmentation procedure.

Get more information about how revision breast surgery works and how much it costs, through this informative article.

How Does Revision Breast Augmentation Surgery Work?

Women opt for breast augmentation surgery so that they can enhance the way their breasts look, however sometimes the surgery might require some further revisions to be done to ensure that the results last longer. The revision of breast surgery utilizes different techniques to re-shape or re-design the breasts.

The changes in the breasts that require revision might be caused by weight gain or loss and the cosmetic procedure that they had previously gotten done, did not provide them with the ideal results.

As different techniques are used to make the revisions, it depends on the kind of procedure a woman had previously received the revision surgery will be conducted. Some of the most common procedures that are performed as a revision surgery include,

Removal of Implants

In this procedure, women get rid of their implants for reasons that include, weight gain, age, and personal choice. The procedure is not that complicated, but when the implants are removed, it can leave the breasts deflated and flat. Therefore, with the procedure, many doctors recommend that a woman also gets the breast lift treatment to re-shape the tissue and leave the breast looking natural.

Fat Transfer

To contour the breasts so that they get an even appearance, minor touch-ups can be performed by doctors. For fat transfers in breasts, most doctors go for the liposuction procedure, but instead of throwing away the excess fat, the doctors simply process it, by re-injecting the fat cells that were extracted. This can enhance the look of the breasts by disguising rippling and improved contour, giving it a natural appearance.

Breast Scars

Some ladies tend to develop unwanted scars due to previous surgeries done, they may be because of genetic reasons. Scars that are enlarged and stretched can be reduced in appearance with the assistance of the revision process. The revisions of other conditions of the breasts can also be used for this purpose, or a separate revision process can be carried out to eradicate unwanted scars from the breasts. The procedure can be well explained after a consultation appointment with the right doctor.

How Much Do Revision Treatments Cost?

Breast Surgery Cost in Dubai depends on several factors, such as the location of the clinic, the kind of revision treatment a woman needs, the expertise of the doctor, the condition of the breasts, the specific requirements of the patients, and the treatment they opt for. Typically, the cost of the revisions depends on the kind of treatment the patient gets and might vary from AED 15,000 to AED 30,000.

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