Breast Augmentation With Lift Scars

Breast Augmentation in Dubai has made it easier for people to have their desired body features and live their life accordingly. At the same time, those surgery scars on the chest ruin all we have faced getting the much-wanted boob shape. 

We know how you feel, and this is what we can expect from the incisions. But no worries, beauties, you don’t have to live with those scars permanently. In this modern era of technology, Every problem has the best solution. Before getting info about treatments, let’s first know about the common scar types.

Aren’t Scars Similar?

The scars have types because different breast lift techniques are used for breast rejuvenation. Other breast lift techniques are used because each patient needs correction accordingly. 

Secondly, the scar’s shape and size differ because when minor correction is needed, there will be less scarring and fade without even therapy. But when your breasts need to be corrected significantly, obviously, you’ll have more.

Types Of Breast Augmentation Scars 

Donut Lift

The breast surgeon recommends donut breast lift augmentation If the patient has more moderate breast sagging. Donut Breast Lift requires just an inch incision in a circle around the areola. This small incision leaves minimize the scar.

Lollipop Lift

It is the most common type of lift. A lollipop lift or a vertical lift corrects the breast problems of the women who want a breast reshaping with the correction of sagging breasts. In a lollipop lift, the surgeon makes two incisions in each boob. This lollipop lift leaves minimized scars, which fade away over time.

Crescent Lift

In crescent breast lift rejuvenation, only one small incision is made on the half top of the edge of the areola, which leaves minimal scarring with no significant prominence. 

Scarless Lift

Scarless lift surgery is based on using an electric current or ultrasound for breast rejuvenation instead of making cuts in the boob, and definitely no scars. It is the least invasive breast lift technique available that works on heating.

Anchor Lift

The breast surgeon recommends this type of breast lift when the patient has heavy sagging. Extensive incisions are made, which leaves prominent and significant scarring. 

Breast Lift Scar Revision Procedures

Breast Enlargement in Dubai can leave minimal to significant scars, and each scar can be faded through several cosmetic techniques and their combination. 

Below are some effective techniques offered by Dynamic Clinic for scar revision.

Injectable Therapies

Dermal fillers are injectable therapies to fill in depressed breast lift scars. Several fillers can be used for this purpose. Usually, they are made of hyaluronic acids or other substances. The treatment takes a few minutes to complete, and the effects can last up to four months. These injectable therapies need to be repeated for long-term results. 

Punch Grafting

This is a surgical therapy for surgery scar removal. Sounds weird? But this technique is considered effective in minimizing breast lift scar appearance. In this therapy, the surgeon takes a small skin patch from the person’s body and this patch is then stitched on the scar area. This will also leave a scar, but it will be less prominent and smoother than the previous one. After a month of punch grafting, the patient might feel a difference in texture and skin colour, which can be corrected through skin resurfacing treatment.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion is a definitive therapy that promotes healthier skin growth with the tissue used to fill in depressed scars. Like facial reconstructive surgeries, where a damaged face is corrected, tissue expansion repairs the damaged skin all over the body. This process evens the scar area around the breast by stretching the skin. 


Dermabrasion can be effectively used to reduce the appearance of surgical scars and those scars caused by injury or acne. This therapy is based on using a rotating device rapidly on the skin’s surface that removes its upper layer. 

Laser Therapy

Everyone is well-aware of laser’s beneficiaries for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Another advantage of laser technology is the ability to minimize the scar appearance to a great extent. The scar fading can be done in two ways, either removing the outer skin layer or encouraging collagen production to form healthier skin with fewer scars.

Cost of Surgical Scar Revision Therapy

Several scar revision techniques are used for smoothing out the breast skin, and each of them costs differently according to the patient’s scar issues and the degree of correction needed. 

However, the scar revision therapies cost usually starts from 3,000 AED in Dubai. Once your scar condition is examined, the medical professional will plan a personalized treatment for you and your final charges.

Scarless Smoother and Rejuvenated Breasts at Dynamic Clinic!

It’s been said that wounds heal over time, whether emotional or physical, but some scars won’t heal over time but ruin your cosmetic appearance after surgery. If you have experienced Breast Augmentation in Dubai, and now the surgery scars are bothering you, visit Dynamic Clinic in Dubai and get rid of all the wounds efficiently and effectively.