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Boob correction surgery is one of the most requested cosmetic surgeries nowadays. Women have been crazy about it since they got to know that they can have the pleasure of fuller and enlarged breasts, making their personality and appearance more prominent and attractive. 

Apart from surgery with many complications, Fat Injection in Dubai is on the market to give your breasts beauty without treating those delicate pieces with a knife. 

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Quick Facts:


Daycare procedure which takes 2-3 hours


General Anesthesia

Technology Used

Liposuction & Fat Transfer

What are Fat Injections?

As the same says, these fat injections contain fat, but you know where does this fat come from? The answer is that your body fat works as a mechanism to make your breasts enlarge and fuller. This fat can be from any body part to inject into the breasts for rejuvenation purposes. 

Are Fat Injections Different From Surgery?

The fat transfer procedure has no similarity with surgery, but it can be considered the best alternative to surgery for Breast Enlargement in Dubai. Surgery mainly cuts and incisions in the breasts and then inserts implants or removes and stitches tissues. But the fat transfer technique works by taking fat from the person’s body through liposuction, and this fat is injected into the boobs without incision. 

Who Can Be A Good Candidate For Breast Reshaping with Fat Injections?

Women!! Who else can be?

It’s for every woman. Check out the candidacy criteria for Breast Augmentation in Dubai before considering the fat transfer technique for you:

  • If you want to correct your breast asymmetry.
  • If you want to have a deep cleavage.
  • If you wish to correct breast deformity.
  • If your breasts did not increase during puberty, you want to enhance them now.
  • If your breast’s upper part is flatter and you wish to add fullness to them.
  • If you have gone through a pregnancy and now breastfeeding has made your breasts volume less, you want to restore their volume and shape. (breast lift combined)
  • Significant weight loss can also be the reason a woman wants their breast to be reshaped. 

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure

Fat transfer breast augmentation procedure basically encases two techniques for purpose completion. 

It’s carried out as an outpatient daycare procedure, and the patient gets discharged within 24 hours. 

 The fat transfer procedure is administered under iv sedation and starts with the following techniques. 

Liposuction Fat Reduction Therapy:

As soon as the anesthesia effects get activated, the surgeon does mini liposuction to take fat from different body areas(hips, thighs, abdomen) where enough fat exists to be harvested. 

The required amount of fat is taken using a cannula and vacuum.

Fat Purification:

The taken fat is then processed and purified in the required form to be injected.

Fat Transfer:

The primary process where the purified fat is then injected at the breasts, restoring their volume, increasing their structural size, deeper cleavage, and upper pole fullness with a natural shape.

Stichting wounds:

Boobs do not require stitching because the fat is injected through syringes, and they got no incisions or cuts, but the body part where the liposuction is done is closed with stitches.

Recovery From Breast Reshaping with Fat Injections

There are two recoveries after the therapy; one is from breasts, and the second one is from liposuction.

  • The client can resume the daily activities after three to four days, and the minimal workouts can be resumed after a week when the pain will subside. 
  • The patient is advised to wear a compression garment on the breasts and the liposuction site to heal faster.
  • The medical professional will provide you with a list of instructions you must have to follow in the recovery.


The good news is that the results are permanent. The patient has to wait for six months until the fat tissues get absorbed and adjusted in the skin, and the results will be for a lifetime. Our team at Dynamic Clinic will support you with the services of the best dietitians to make it easy for you. 

Women mostly opt for fat transfer over implants because of their permanency and minimal downtime.

Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai:

Although the charges vary for each patient, the general expectations about the cost of Breast Reshaping With Fat Injection in Dubai are 30,000 AED as standard and a minimum of 25000 AED. 

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