Reshape Your Ears with Otoplasty in Order to Create New Look

Just like we have surgeries for the nose, lips, and eyes to reshape and resize them, there is surgery for the ears too. If you have ears that stick out or are overly large or you think are disturbing the facial symmetry then you can undergo Otoplasty. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is offering this splendid surgery at an affordable rate. The surgery has been designed to help people reshape or resize their ears in order to make their faces more symmetrical. It dramatically improves the overall look of an individual. Look for an experienced, trained, and highly qualified surgeon to get the desired results.

Real Benefits:

The best thing about Otoplasty is that it delivers permanent and prominent results. Even a small modification in the ear can bring a big improvement in the overall appearance of the face. It revamps the ear without disturbing its functionality which discloses its safe nature. If an experienced surgeon is performing this surgery then you don’t need to worry about results or complications. The surgery also relieves stress and anxiety caused due to irregularly shaped ears. You will enjoy a self-confidence boost right after getting the surgery. It improves an individual’s social life and enhances his/her facial appearance. The procedure takes 2, to 3 hours to complete but produces results that last for years.

How Otoplasty is done?

Protruding or large ears can be treated by Otoplasty in Dubai. The surgery is usually performed under local anesthetic but sometimes general anesthesia is required. During the procedure, the surgeon creates an incision in the back or front of the ear depending upon personal preference. In the next step, cartilage is either shaved, cut, bent, or folded to make the desired change in the appearance of the ear. After making modifications to the cartilage the surgeon closes the incision with stitches or bandages. As soon as the procedure is completed, you will notice a huge improvement in the overall look of your face.

Incisionless Otoplasty:

Researchers have developed a surgical procedure in which modifications are made in the ear without creating incisions. In this type of Otoplasty, The doctor uses a small needle to poke through the skin and manually shape the cartilage beneath or on the ear.

Am I Suitable for Otoplasty?

If you have become self-conscious about your facial look because of your large, drooping, or protruding ear then you can get benefit from this treatment. Reshape and resize your ears according to your desires. You will get the best possible results from the treatment if you are healthy and do not have any life-threatening disease. Prepare your mind for action and keep your goals for the surgery positive and realistic. Consult an expert to know more details about candidacy criteria.

What Type of Results do you get from Otoplasty?

Results are not instant, the final results of Otoplasty appear when the swelling goes down completely. The changes produced by ear surgery last for many years which is the best thing about it.

Also, if you are unsuccessful in getting the desired results then you can go for revision surgery. Discuss your concerns and goals with the doctor and ask him whether can go for it or not.

How long does it take to Recover from Otoplasty?

The recovery period varies from person to person depending upon the type of changes made by the surgery. If a small modification was made, then you will not need more than a week to recover otherwise, recovery can take up to 4-5 weeks. The surgery does not involve severe side effects, swelling and bruising might appear for some days but don’t worry it happens with every patient. Look for a trained surgeon for this type of surgery because it is a matter of your overall.

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