prp and covid

Slay with the Longer, Thicker and Shiny Hair!

Words will not do justice if we start writing about the Covid destruction in every aspect of life. The economic collapse, financial disbalance, educational institutes closure, and no food. Expanding the impacts further, the person’s health if they survived. People are grateful a million times that they stayed, but their health is not the same anymore. We, covid survivors, are still facing the aftereffects of covid after being vaccinated too. The body organ that gets most affected by the 

Covid is our hair. This is where the need for Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai comes in!

Get to know how covid affects hair health, the best suitable hair treatment, and much more info in the context of the current situation.

How Covid has Affected the Hair?

The biggest life lesson this man-made pandemic has taught us is to expect the unexpected and be prepared for it. Though it has not given us time to prepare, we got the unexpected. 

We were just grateful for the second chance life had given us; suddenly, the unexpected extreme hair loss surprised us. 

After spending months with a high fever, We got extreme hair loss. 

Not considering this a hair loss; it’s actually hair shedding from the scalp. Generally, hair loss is common when a person recovers from illness and fever. But this extreme fever whose hobby is to take people’s life, Do you still think it will stop just with the hairs on the brush when you comb. 

No, not a few hairs on the comb, but a handful of hairs regularly.

How Long This Significant Covid Hair Fall Will last?

Since it’s not an ordinary hair fall, It’s a pandemic one, so you can expect it to last for about nine months. The bunch of hair will be in your hands, so you do not panic but ensure a healthy haircare routine and a food intake beneficial for healthy hair growth. 

Avoid using chemical hair care products; use the organic ones instead. 

In this extremely worrisome situation, The best advice to treat your precious leftover hairs on the scalp would be getting a PRP treatment in Dubai.

PRP Treatment and Covid Vaccine 

People might get confused about whether getting the PRP hair treatment before and after the vaccine would affect it or not. Well, there is no such info and the research about it. Covid vaccine prepares your body to fight the coronavirus; if it enters your body. It could not deal with the aftereffects if you were covid-positive before. If you want to get your hair treated with the PRP, in between, you have to get vaccinated, too; you must consult with the specialist about your concerns. 

PRP For Hair Loss

The effectiveness of PRP for skin rejuvenation is dramatic. Now it has been used in hair rejuvenation too. It has a three-step brilliancy procedure that does the hair transformation with minimal invasiveness as no chemical or external medication is used. Still, the patient’s blood running throughout the body runs the process and does wonders. 

PRP For Hair loss Procedure

It’s a simple, easy and incredible three-step procedure that must be carried out professionally under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist. 

The procedure begins when a board-certified practitioner takes the blood out from the patient’s body. Usually, the arm is prefered. 

This blood gets spun in a spinner like a machine or a centrifuge for about ten minutes. The spinner separated the blood into three liquids:

  • Red Blood Cells
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Platelet Poor Plasma

The other liquids get discarded except Platelet Rich Plasma which is the base of the process.

The medical professional fills this PRP into a syringe, and then it is injected into the required scalp area with the hair loss. 

The PRP from the customer’s own blood enhances the collagen growth in the scalp and triggers the newer and healthy hair follicle growth.  

Does Platelet Rich Plasma For Hair Loss Contain Any Side Effects?

Since the patient’s growth factors run the process and get injected into the scalp, there is no reported side effect or risk of communicable disease. Still, the injectable therapies have some links with the side effects like

  • Blood vessel or a nerve damage
  • Scar Tissue
  • Infection
  • When the calcium builds up at the injection points. 

Cost of PRP Treatment in Dubai

The cost of hair loss treatment in dubai per session is 700 AED, Three sessions will cost 1750 AED, and four sessions will cost 1980 AED.

Your final cost will be decided in your consultation with the experts of Dynamic Clinic in Dubai.

Stronger Hair with the Beautiful You! Because Dynamic Clinic is the Provider!

Dynamic Clinic remained on the top and on the front throughout the pandemic providing services to the patients, just like the army that protects the state in a war.  

We are now facilitating the customers with the treatments of post-pandemic diseases. 

PRP Treatment in Dubai is one of them. Get Yourself One!