PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate in Dubai

PRP therapy is an injection procedure that includes the introduction of platelet-rich plasma of a patient into a place on his body that requires rapid healing, aimed at accelerating the regeneration and stimulating the growth of the body’s cells. The method is quite new, but already at this stage, it has demonstrated positive results in the treatment of sports injuries. It is a technique widely used in cosmetology and trichology. PRP treatment for hair loss success rate is quite high.

The essence of the method is not to heal by exposure from the outside, as drugs do, but to force its own body to produce the required number of cells for tissue repair.

The method is used in rejuvenation programs or to restore elasticity to aging skin. The experience of using an enriched blood preparation shows that, in addition to the successful tightening of sagging contours, it is effective in baldness as a natural stimulator of hair growth.

What is PRP therapy?

The PRP therapy procedure consists of several stages:

First Stage:

Taking the patient’s blood. It is carried out from the cubital vein. The volume can be 20 to 100 ml, depending on the treated area of ​​the body and the duration of the course.

Second Stage:

Production of enriched plasma. It is carried out in two stages by centrifugation: the first time heavy formed elements are removed from the blood, then the plasma is concentrated to such an extent that the platelet count per milliliter of blood is 5-6 times higher than the natural level for the patient. The drug is diluted with heparin, which prevents platelet aggregation.

Third Stage:

Injection of the drug into the damaged area depending on the purpose of therapy, enriched plasma can be injected into the joint, under the skin.

What Does PRP Therapy For Hair Treat?

A unique procedure called PRP therapy is carried out built on the ability of our body’s cells to regenerate themselves. This is a progressive trend in aesthetic and regenerative medicine, which has opened up new possibilities for natural tissue repair.

PRP hair treatment in UAE is used for:

  • hair growth stimulation
  • treatment and prevention of hair loss
  • improving hair structure
  • treatment of seborrheic dermatitis
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands
  • scalp preparation for hair transplant

Thanks to platelet-rich plasma, the local immunity of the scalp is restored, which significantly reduces the risk of fungal infections. In addition, under the influence of plasma growth factors, blood circulation, and metabolic processes are activated, the condition of the hair follicles is significantly improved, which invariably leads to healthier hair as a whole.

Is PRP Hair Treatment Worth It?

Platelet-rich plasma has completely replaced the old technique of autohemotherapy. The procedure has many advantages that make it unique:

  1. The drug contains human proteins; therefore, it does not cause rejection, there is no allergic reaction to it. It is sometimes caused by foreign biological preparations and other immune responses.
  2. It is always available and equally effective, so therapy can be extended if necessary or repeated after a specific time.
  3. The method is the most natural since plasma, unlike medicines, does not integrate into metabolic processes from the outside but only stimulates the body’s normal functioning, enhancing and accelerating those processes already taking place in the body. PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate in Dubai 2021 has remained between 70 to 90%.

Cost of PRP Treatment:

The charges of this procedure depend on the quality of blood processing which differs in different clinics and largely depends on the equipment used. The cost of PRP treatment depends on the number of sessions which are required to solve the issues. The price may range from 950 DHS to 3000 DHS.