PRP Hair Treatment Do You Really Need It This Will Help You Decide!

During a hair transplant, a surgeon transfers hair grafts from scalp regions with dense hair to bald patches on the head. In most cases, surgeons remove grafts from the back. And place them on the top or front of the head. This operation is often carried out in a hospital or medical-cosmetic institution under local anesthetic. The effects of alopecia (hair loss) on one’s confidence may be profound. Both men and women experience different degrees of hair loss. Platelet-rich plasma PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai is a successful, non-surgical way to stop hair loss. Read the blog to know that do you really need it or not.

PRP Hair Treatment:

The three-step PRP technique uses platelet-rich plasma from your blood to encourage the growth of new, healthy hair. PRP treatment is nothing new. It is a regenerative method that has long been used to repair damage to ligaments, muscles, and tendons. It has recently gained popularity and become a successful cosmetic procedure. PRP can significantly improve alopecia sufferers’ condition when administered.


PRP is a simple, non-invasive, cost-effective therapy for hair loss that can significantly increase hair growth and thickness while also offering the following advantages:

  • PRP is a non-invasive hair restoration solution, not like hair transplants. 
  • PRP treatment promotes natural hair growth.
  • This treatment fixes the cause of your hair loss.
  • Individualized PRP treatments are possible.
  • PRP is convenient for hair loss treatment.

Do You Qualify for PRP Hair Treatment?

Younger people who treat their problem early, when hair follicles are still alive but have gone dormant, are excellent candidates for PRP in Dubai for hair loss. Age, inadequate dietary intake, disease, and other factors can all cause hair follicle death.

Pre-operative care: 

The doctor will offer you certain advice to follow before beginning the process. Patients should take these into mind in order to prevent any discomfort during or after the treatment.

  • Take no blood thinners before receiving therapy.
  • Don’t use drugs or smoke cigarettes.
  • Don’t drink alcohol two to three weeks prior to the procedure
  • You should complete all laboratory tests before the operation
  • Make an appointment with your specialist.
  • Discuss your objectives with your surgeon.
  • At the initial meeting, go through your medical past as well.

PRP therapy may not be appropriate for you if you have a medical condition like cancer, liver disease, diabetes, chronic infections, or a low platelet count.

How Effective Is PRP for Alopecia?

Although many medical innovations are effective, we don’t always know why or how they operate. Science provides several explanations for the healing abilities of PRP. PRP treatment improves blood flow to hair follicles. Because of its regenerative cell-renewal properties. That encourages thicker, longer hair. PRP therapy for hair loss comprises three stages:

The Blood Draw:

Your doctor will take blood from your arm during the blood draw. The platelet-rich plasma in your blood is separated from the red blood cells by spinning it in a centrifuge.

PRP Hair Treatment using a centrifuge.

It separates the blood’s contents in around 10 to 20 minutes. The objective is to separate the PRP, which has a yellowish or straw-like appearance, from the red and white blood cells.

PRP scalp injections: 

Isolated PRP is carefully injected into the scalp to encourage hair growth.

Your doctor could perform the “hair pull test” before each session of PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai. The hair pull test pulls a bundle of hair from four different sites on the scalp to assess the degree of hair loss; if more than 10 percent of the hairs are taken, the test is positive for alopecia. The test is routinely used to track the progression of hair loss. Between the first and fourth injections, a “significant decrease in hair loss was noted,” on PRP for hair loss. The majority of individuals need four to six treatments spaced out over many weeks. Once you have the results you want, you can have maintenance treatments every few months.

Cost of PRP Hair Treatment:

Prices vary according to the nature of the treatment. Normally the Cost of PRP in Dubai ranges from AED 700. But to avoid all types of misunderstandings regarding price, set a meeting with our highly experienced plastic surgeons for the final estimated cost. 


With this PRP procedure, there is little to no downtime, however, some patients must wait a day before going back to work. Although there are fewer dangers when using your own blood, complications from local anesthetic, infection, blood vessel or nerve damage, or other problems can still happen.

Is Hair Restoration with PRP permanent?

Hair restoration with PRP is not a permanent solution to all forms of hair loss, but it is a long-lasting one. You can easily maintain your results with follow-ups once annually after your initial series of treatments. All patients are unique, however, so you may need more or fewer treatments to maintain your ideal level of rejuvenation. Consult with a hair restoration specialist at Dynamic Clinic Dubai, to plan the ideal hair care routine based on your needs.

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