PRP for Hair Loss Efficacy, Safety, and Cost

If your life is not perfect then still your hair can be. Hair is the central attraction of the personality of an individual of both genders. Most people feel more confident with a scalp full of thicker and stronger hair. Mostly, women feel more accomplished with longer hair. In the present era, the majority of people irrespective of gender are facing hair loss. There are several reasons for it such as a sedentary lifestyle, genetics, and age factor. Most people face hair loss after reaching a certain age due to genetic factors. But some people start facing this condition at a young age because of malnutrition. They do not intake enough proteins and nutrients which makes their hair weak and eventually fall out. Therefore, several treatments and remedies may help to treat it. PRP for Hair Loss: Efficacy, Safety, and Cost is the most reliable method.

What is it?

Hair loss occurs due to several factors such as genetics, age factor, and nutritional deficiencies. When hair follicles become weak they do not have enough tendency to hold the hair shaft then, eventually, hair loss occurs. 

PRP treatment is the most effective treatment for hair loss. This process involves the introduction of platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. The doctor uses the blood of the patient, centrifuges it, and then inserts the platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. It contains several growth factors that help to stimulate the regeneration process of the body.


FDA has approved this procedure because it does not cause hazardous side effects. Similarly, it does not cause any pain and is a comfortable procedure for individuals. PRP treatment helps to solve hair loss problems because it contains several growth factors that are present in our bodies. Growth factors are the proteins present in our bodies that enhance cell growth and differentiation. When they enter the scalp they trigger the natural regrowth process to control hair loss.

  • Before initiating the procedure, the client should discuss his past medical history and the medications he is taking. Secondly, he should also discuss the allergies he may have.
  • The doctor cleanses the area from where the blood sample is taken. He takes the sample of the blood and places it in the centrifugation machine
  • The centrifugation separates the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. He then places this solution into the syringe
  • Marks the area on the scalp for administration
  • Injects the plasma constituting more growth factors and platelets directly into the scalp with the aid of microneedles
  • For patients who are afraid of needles, the doctor uses local anesthesia to make them comfortable.


The results of this treatment are quite obvious and effective. The direct infusion of the platelets helps to enhance growth and stop hair loss more quickly. The doctor guides several aftercare measures and advises strictly to follow them because they are quite simple and easy

  • Avoid harsh and strenuous exercises 
  • Keep your scalp covered to avoid sun exposure
  • Refrain from sauna baths and swimming
  • Opt for using cold water in daily activities
  • If you feel swelling or redness after the procedure, use ice compression to subside it.
  • Do not use hair products that contain several chemicals
  • Avoid the use of hair dyes and chemical treatment
  • Refrain from using blood-thinning medications before and after the treatment for one week
  • Consult your doctor instantly if your aftereffects of the treatment get worsened


It is an uncomplicated procedure that does not cause any side effects. The doctor performs this procedure at their clinic. The results of individuals vary according to the individuals. Some individuals require 3-6 sessions to achieve the results.

  • Non-intrusive procedure
  • Does not cause any pain
  • Gives outcomes that are natural-looking and durable
  • Is a safe hair restoration technique
  • Does not cause complications after the treatment
  • Helps to enhance the health of the scalp
  • Promotes the hair growth
  • Reduce the amount of hair loss

Efficacy and Safety:

The efficacy of this treatment is fully appreciated to cure hair loss. According to several types of research, PRP treatment helps to restore hair growth and also helps to decrease hair loss. Some studies also prove that it also improves the health and condition of the scalp. Moreover, fulfills the desired amount of nourishment that is needed for the follicles to help in the growth of hair

Next, if we look at the safety of PRP treatment, it is a safe procedure and is reliable for the population of both males and females. Moreover, it does not cause any side effects because it uses the platelets from the patient’s blood. It may cause some sort of redness, swelling, and itching after the treatment completes. But these side effects resolve on their own after some time.


The cost of PRP treatment fluctuates between AED 699 to AED 2,999. However, several factors may affect the cost such as the number of injections required to achieve the result, the doctor you choose for your treatment, and your scalp health conditions. Considering all these factors, the cost of the procedure may vary for every individual.

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