prp for neck

Nobody wants a sagging face and neck. Nevertheless, you have to face it because it is a part of life cycle and aging. Wrinkles and skin folds become utterly worse when they are left untreated. People mostly pay attention to their face rather than the neck. Using high-priced creams and serums also fails when it comes to neck wrinkles. You need treatments like PRP for the neck to improve wrinkles. It is the best skin care treatment in Dubai that has proved to show amazing results on neck wrinkles and lines.

What is PRP? 

The blood in the body has 3 types of cells : 

  1. White blood cells: responsible for the defense mechanism of the body 
  2. Red blood cells: transport oxygen in the body 
  3. Plateteles:  their role is to thicken blood 

Apart from the cells our blood also constitutes water and plasma. Plasma is a light red-colored liquid. 

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is retrieved from the body of a person and is injected in areas where required. It is used for various purposes and is the latest technique that has astonishing results.  It will leave you convinced to get it done at any cost. PRP in Dubai has been done in our clinic ever since it came into being. We have many successful candidates who were satisfied with the result of just one single injection. 

How does PRP work? 

PRP when injected into the skin initiates the production of new cells and growth. This as a result promotes blood flow and circulation. The new cells regenerate collagen production. Collagen is the skin’s best friend. It is the holy grail that improves the elasticity of the skin, especially in the neck. PRP injection Neck in Dubai is injected to restore the elasticity of the neck muscles and give it a younger look. 

How do we perform the PRP procedure here?

  1. The candidate is told to stop any blood thinning medicine if he/she is taking any
  2. They are then called and seated. 
  3. A blood sample is drawn to extract PRP 
  4. The blood is then placed in a centrifuging machine to separate platelet-rich plasma. 
  5. Local anesthesia is given to the candidate to block the pain channels 
  6. Carbon dioxide laser is run over the skin to create very minute injuries 
  7. The PRP is then injected in multiple areas to promote healing and new growth of cells and collagen. 
  8. Around 50-60, PRP shots will be injected in the selected areas. 

After the completion of the procedure, the skin expert leaves the face and neck to be settled down. Rest assured that the candidate is devoid of any allergies and adverse reactions 

What are the after cares to follow? 

  • Do not apply any cream, cleanser or face wash immediately after the treatment 
  • Do not rub the face excessively 
  • Avoid direct sun exposure 

What to expect after a PRP neck injection?

After when you receive a PRP for the neck in Dubai you will be surprised with the wonderful outcomes like: 

  • Smooth and supple neck
  • Tightened and toned neck muscles
  • Faded wrinkles clearly seen 
  • No more sagginess of the neck 
  • Perfectly shaped neck for wearing chains and necklaces
  • Why choose us for a PRP injection?

Who are the right candidates for PRP? 

  •  People above age 30 years of age 
  • Candidates with loose and saggy skin 
  • Any previously surgically treated skin that had skin graft replacement 
  • Men and Women with wrinkles on their faces and neck 

Why should you choose us for your PRP treatment? 

As you have seen PRP in Dubai is reaching heights we are offering skin care treatments in Dubai done by very skillful experts. Your beauty and glamor are as important to us as it is to you. So book your beauty session now and flaunt it!