prp for knee

 No matter how many painkillers you take there comes a time when the painkillers become resistant and they no longer have any effect on the knees. Patellar tendonitis which is also known as the jumper’s knee is one of the leading causes of the pain in the tendons. When painkillers become inactive there is nothing one can do except for taking injections like PRP They are a newer yet unique technique.  The PRP injection for patellar tendonitis in Dubai is now raging that can restore the functional activity of the tendons and also alleviate the pain.  

What is patellar tendonitis?   

Patellar tendonitis is referred to as the inflammation of the tendons of the knee and it is an extremely painful condition.  The candidates who are most commonly affected by particular tendonitis are those who are more into sports or any vigorous activity.  Your Patella is basically a plate-like structure that is present over the surface where the two bones of the knee joint meet. If the patellar tendon is left untreated then there are chances that it can cause tearing of the Patellar tendon. A PRP for knee in dubai can be helpful in such a case. 

What are the causes of patellar tendonitis?

  •  Old age 
  • Excessive running
  •  Vigorous exercises
  •  Chores that involve constant movements of the knee joint
  •  using this stairs often

 How can patellar tendonitis be treated?

 There are some treatment options for patellar tendonitis but the most effective is the one that is directly injected in the patellar tendon like PRP for knee to relieve the pain. Some of the common treatments of patellar tendonitis include: 

  •  painkillers and medications
  •  analgesic injections
  • Surgical repair of the tendon 
  • PRP  injections (most effective) 

The reason why PRP in Dubai is considered to be the best and the most effective treatment against patellar tendonitis is because it uses the body’s own blood constituents to be injected for pain relief.

What is a PRP injection?

 Before knowing the details about the PRP injection for patellar tendonitis Dubai you first need to know what a PRP injection actually is.

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. The PRP is extracted from the blood and is then injected into the targeted areas; it is later expected that it will facilitate a new regeneration of the cells and relief from pain. 

How is the PRP injected for patellar tendonitis? 

The PRP injection for patellar tendonitis  starts by consulting the physician. He or she will analyze the major causes of the patellar tendonitis.  Once the diagnosis is done you will be asked to undergo X- ray or any other required screening. 

When the diagnosis is complete the candidate is scheduled for the PRP injection on the day of the treatment the patient is educated about the treatment.  The candidate is then laid down in the respective place for the administration of PRP injection.

The PRP is collected by drawing blood from the candidate. The drawn blood is then allowed to centrifuge in a machine and then the PRP is extracted from the blood once the PRP is extracted it is then injected at the targeted sites in the case of patellar tendonitis the PRP is injected directly around the knees.

 How can I know that the PRP Knee injection is effective?

Once you receive your PRP injection in the body you will notice that: 

  •  the pain has particularly subsided
  •  you feel fresh and energetic
  •  movements of the leg joints become easier 
  •  bending becomes normal
  • You feel confident in walking and running 

What is the cost of PRP Injection for Knee?

You can call our staff to know the PRP injection cost for patellar tendonitis in Dubai. The consultant will decide the number of shots you will require for a complete pain relief. 

The final verdict!

One should never leave their joints untreated if they are presenting with pain. The persistent pain affects the other parts of the body also. If you are also suffering from patellar tendonitis then book your appointment for a PRP injection for patellar tendonitis in Dubai. We ensure that the treatment will relieve your pain and will restore your normal functioning.