A PRP therapy for the face is one of the new and unique techniques that has helped many people fight off the face problems that would never be able to be treated by any other techniques. The reason why PRP is so effective is because it uses the body’s own constituents especially from the blood.  It is then reinjected in the skin and shows wonderful effects. 

What is PRP therapy? 

PRP therapy stands for platelet rich plasma.  The PRP is extracted from the patient’s body and is then reinjected on the face to fight the various skin problems. The technique is very effective and has shown proven results against the skin issues that people encounter because of multiple reasons.  Our  clinic uses the PRP in Dubai especially for those who want a radiant and younger looking skin without any surgical or any invasive treatment.  

How is PRP therapy done?

 The PRP therapy is  a complex treatment and requires only a skillful person to do the treatment.  Blood is drawn from the candidate’s body and is then stored ,the stored blood is then kept in a centrifuging machine for the separation of plasma and blood.  When the plasma is separated it is then re-injected into the target areas of the face wherever necessary.

What are the results expected after taking a PRP session?

The results after taking a PRP session are just simply amazing you will be astonished to see that your face will now: 

  • Look more younger
  • will be free of all imperfections
  • All the wrinkles and fine lines will start to diminish overtime
  • Acne scars and indentations that have never been easy to fade off will now be kicked off easily

Here are some 5 facts about PRP therapy for the face

  • Improves blood circulation:

 The main function of the PRP is to restore blood circulation . When plasma is injected into the face it as a result generates other cells and those cells as in turn regulate the blood flow in every part of the face including the eyes too.

  • Encourages collagen production:

 The collagen in the skin is responsible for elasticity and tonicity. As a person ages the collagen in the skin starts to decrease and the skin loses its tightness this often ends up with a person having wrinkles on the face along with fine lines. When PRP is injected it instantly encourages the production of collagen so once the collagen production is increased the tonicity of the muscles of the face improves and the skin tightens up making it younger looking and radiant.

  •  Evens out pigmentation of the skin:

Hyperpigmentation is one of the worst problems one can face on the skin. No matter how many pricey creams or gels you apply on your face or take expensive treatments they all go in vain if the skin is not nourished from the inside. The best part about PRP is that it clears the skin inside out. It is injected deep into the skin and hence the innermost layer then reflects its brightness on the outer surface of the skin revealing evenly pigmented and white skin. 

  • Fills out acne indentation scars:

 In case of hormonal or cystic acne it leaves a very horrible scar behind. The indentations and textured  skin need to be thoroughly treated by seeking a professional treatment. PRP facial in Dubai can fill up the indentations and level up the skin. They even out the textured skin making it smooth and soft to touch.

  • The PRP has extended use also:

Apart from PRP for Face it can also be used for the hair growth as well as for the knee joints too. It releases pain and helps in the comfort and ease of the patient.

The final verdict!

 Get your hands on PRP in Dubai if you also long for a healthy glowing and radiant skin free of all the imperfections.  Having a celebrity like skin is not just a dream now because it can be achieved by just a single PRP session.