postpartum hair loss


What is worse than dealing with problems with pregnancy?  It is the time after it. Postpartum is another challenge after pregnancy. The hair loss you experience is fairly different from the normal hair loss because of the sudden drop in the hormones. A lot of women are prescribed multivitamins and supplements during their pregnancy which helps proper nourishment of the follicle and as a result better hair growth. However little do they know that the hair which are grown during the pregnancy will eventually fall off during the postpartum phase. As post partum is associated with PPD (postpartum depression) this feeling even worsens when women experience  extreme hair loss. A better approach to restore this issue is to get a hair loss treatment in Dubai by seeking assistance from hair specialists and experts. 

Why do women experience hair loss during postpartum?

The duty pregnancy the hormone progesterone is raised and estrogen lowers first of registered on is known as the female hormone and it is responsible for maintenance of the entire female reproductive system.

 On the other hand it also enhances hair growth by promoting and nourishing the follicles. Pregnancy glow and shine is an added benefit by the register on. The progesterone is high throughout the nine months of pregnancy. 

However as soon as the pregnancy ends the progresterone levels in the body suddenly decline.  This drop of the female hormone gives rise to a multiple problems out of which hair loss is the major one.

What are the Postpartum hair loss treatment options? 

Continuation of Multivitamins:

According to physicians it is suggested that women should always keep their vitamins continued throughout pregnancy even after it has completed. This will help the body to maintain the nourishment even after the pregnancy.

Hair Care Routine:

You should maintain a Hair Care routine such as applying hair oils every alternate day or giving your scalp a hot oil massage can also protect your hair and prevent them from hair loss. However hair care routines are not as compatible as other hair loss treatments such as hair transplants in Dubai

Minoxidil Sprays:

Minoxidil sprays when directly applied on to the bad patches or areas of here think I said to promote follicular growth and eventually a better and improved hair growth. However, the chemical can have certain side effects which can be deleterious in long term cases. 

Hair Transplants:

Have you ever wondered why those women out there with multiple babies have such thicker and full hair? Having postpartum hit them with hair loss the answer to that is that they have chosen hair transplant as a vital treatment. You will be amazed to know that here transplant in Dubai is one of the best and highly effective techniques to regain the long last hair pack that major hair transplants running successfully are PRP and FUE.

What are PRP and FUE ?


PRP  treatment Dubai is the kind of treatment in which the blood plasma rich in platelets is extracted from the candidates body and isn’t ream injected into the scalp stop related the follicles get stimulated because of the blood constituent and it promotes new hair growth it is a very effective treatment and is also done in patients with hair thinning and alopecia. 


FUE stands for follicular unit extraction first step it is slightly different from the PRP in this technique tiny hair follicles are extracted from different sides of the candidates body and then those follicles are injected into the scalp and the rest of the procedure is similar sprp the hair will start to grow with in a few weeks to months.

The Bottom Line!

If you want to glow and flaunt in your postpartum period then you can take the  above mentioned treatment. They are considered as the best hair transplant treatment in dubai. The best part about both the treatments are they are completely chemical free and have no side effects.