Mesotherapy for Lips - Cost & Sessions

Mesotherapy Procedure for Lips in Dubai is yet another addition to the vast mesotherapy options available at Dynamic Clinic. This treatment option involves injecting the lips with hyaluronic acid along with other substances to increase the size and volume. Hyaluronic acid is famous for its ability to absorb water, keeping the targeted area hydrated and moisturized. The water-absorbing characteristics of this element make it very suitable to use as a rejuvenating substance.

What Is Mesotherapy for Lips?

This technique is a type of mesotherapy used particularly to treat and rejuvenize your lips. This type of mesotherapy uses a variety of vitamins, essential minerals, nutrients, and hydrating agents such as hyaluronic acid. Mesotherapy for Lips is used to enhance the overall color, volume, texture, shape, and hydration of the lips.

Procedure Steps:

The procedure lasts around half an hour. Surgeons use a microinjection pen for this procedure to ensure maximum product absorption into the lips. The following steps are taken to perform meso lip therapy:

  • First, the technician will clean your lips with anti-bacterial
  • Next, he will numb your lips with a rubbing agent
  • Once the lips go numb, he will inject the serum into the lips using a microinjection pen
  • This serum is injected direactly underath your skin
  • After injecting the serum, he will wipe away any excess numbing cream
  • You will be given an ice pack and good to go home

How Does the Treatment Work?

The treatment uses microinjections filled with hyaluronic acid that is used to increase the lip size and hydrate them as well. The results are visible after just one session but the change is very subtle. You can also get your smoker lines or lipstick wrinkles reduced with these injections.

Sun damage can also cause numerous other wrinkles such as barcode wrinkles. But you can get mesotherapy treatment to treat all sorts of wrinkles around and on your lips. The process is free of pain and has a very minimal risk rate. The pure ingredients used in these injections bear little to no side effects

Why Should One Get Mesotherapy for Lips?

The lips have very sensitive skin and a very thin layer of protection. This makes the lips very vulnerable to sun damage. But apart from that, the following reasons are why you should opt for Mesotherapy for Lips procedure.

  • If you have very thin lips.
  • If you want to hydrate and moisturize your lips.
  • If your lips are cracked.
  • If the cracking is leading to bleeding.
  • If you have smoker lines.
  • If you have barcode wrinkles.
  • If your lips need a subtle plumping therapy.
  • If your lips are sun damaged.

Is Mesotherapy for Lips Beneficial?

Since there are no harmful elements in the injection, there are little to no side effects to Mesotherapy for Lips treatment. The benefits of getting this procedure are listed below:

  • Softter and smoother lips.
  • Visible reduction in wrinkles.
  • Removes smoker lip and barcode wrinkles.
  • Oxidizes your lips.
  • Provides protection from sun damage.
  • Prevents lis from dehydrating and cracking.
  • Promotes collagen production in the lips.

Mesotherapy Procedure for Lips in Dubai is also very beneficial for preventing further wrinkles from showing up

What to Except as Results of Lip Mesotherapy Last?

The results of this treatment are visible from the first session. However, you need to get atleast 3 sessions every 3 weeks for optial results. Maintenance therapy can be taken every few months. Since hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, it is easily broken down in your body. This is because the body does not identify the acid as a forien entity, reducing the chances of sideeffects to 1%.

What is the Cost of Mesotherapy for Lips in Dubai?

Mesotherapy cost for lips in Dubai can cost you around 999 AED. However, this is the cost of just one session and not the entire 3 week course. There are numerous cheaper options available but unfortunately they have so many hidden charges that the total cost goes way beyond your reach.

But we at Dynamic Clinic have included all the required instruments within the cost. This includes the syringes, the serum, alcohol swabs, antibiotics, ice packs, numbing agents, spare needles for blood testing and the doctor’s fee.

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