Mesotherapy for Face treatment in Dubai

The mesotherapy treatment which is ideally used over the skin has made facial skin treatments a lot more convenient and reliable. It’s completely free of any harsh chemical that can be hazardous for the skin.  A single session of Mesotherapy in Dubai is sufficient enough to leave your skin free of wrinkles and it even lifts up the skin that size. Our clinic offers mesotherapy sessions almost daily Because of its excessive needs and demands. stay tuned to know more about mesotherapy and its unleashed benefits.

What is the Hype About Mesotherapy? 

Mesotherapy is a facial aesthetic treatment that consists of some active major ingredients collectively responsible for skin rejuvenation and improving its existing condition. injected into the skin. 

The active Ingredients used in a single injection of mesotherapy includes: 

  •  Hyaluronic acid.
  •  Amino acids.
  •  Certain vitamins such as ABC D&K.
  •  important minerals.
  •  certain enzymes.
  •  antioxidants such as; cysteine, lysine and glycine.

What are the Factual Benefits of Mesotherapy? 

The following are some of the prime benefits of mesotherapy : 

  • Mesotherapy came relatively decrease the fat especially in the areas where adipose tissues are larger in numbers such as the waste, abdomen, thighs hips, the arms and the jaw line.
  •  it evens out the skin by removing wrinkles and fading off the fine lines.
  •  Mesotherapy can instantly tighten up the skin without disturbing the muscular tonicity.
  •  it has an added benefit of body sculpting.
  •  mesotherapy can brighten up your skin and fade off hyperpigmentation.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Mesotherapy? 

  • Candidates who have started to experience premature aging.
  • The men who have a sagging belly especially after postpartum.
  • Males and females who have multiple skin problems.
  • Candidates were the hyperpigmented scars leftover after acne.
  • Women especially in their 30s.

How Can Mesotherapy Help in Improving My Facial Skin?

The main goal of Mesotherapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to initiate the production of collagen, which is one of the major proteins in the maintenance of skin’s elasticity. 

The stimulation of collagen helps in tightening up the facial muscles and making them erect as a result the skin appears more tightened and less loosened .

Within a couple of sessions you will start to notice that your skin has become a lot more firm and the imperfections present have relatively decreased in the number. Nonetheless the number of sessions should be kept in mind for optimum results.

The mode of action of mesotherapy for improving facial skin is by the active ingredients present in it. It has antioxidants that help in the removal of free radicals from the body. The presence of hyaluronic acid instantly adds volume to the skin especially in the target areas where wrinkles are expected to occur. 

How is the Procedure of Mesotherapy done in Dubai?

  • Here is what you can expect in a single session of Mesotherapy in Dubai.
  • The situation will first analyze and observe your uh facial skin closely.
  • Using a marking pen the air target areas will be marked so that they can be well demarcated.
  • The mesotherapy is then uh proceeded by using the device or the injection needle.
  • The target areas are then focused and injection is inserted into them.

How long does the Results of Mesotherapy Last? 

Mesotherapy can last for as long as 12 to 18 months.  however you can even elongate the results by looking after your skin and body and follow the post treatment instructions carefully. 

If you continue with the sessions then it is very likely that the results can even persist for years.

How Many Sessions do I Require for Mesotherapy? 

The number of sessions for mesotherapy are completely dependent upon the texture of your skin, your age and the level of problem. 

According to our dermatologists it is suggested that  one must undergo three to six sessions of mesotherapy per month in order to achieve the desired results you can skip months later and then resume back to your session.

Is Mesotherapy Painful? 

Just like other treatments, mesotherapy is also a painless treatment because the aesthetician will first prepare you and will inject a local anesthetic agent into your skin in order to block the pain channels.

Cost of Mesotherapy in Dubai:

The Mesotherapy treatment Cost in Dubai can normally vary from 399 AED to 1,999 AED. It totally depends on the number of sessions, the skills of the specialist and the kind of skin you have. 

Final Verdict!

Book your Mesotherapy session in Dubai right now and avail a free consultation from the specialist right away. They will be readily available to give you suggestions and advices based on your skin and other treatment recommendations also.