Mesotherapy vs Microneedling: Which Treatment is Best for me?

Over the years many skin treatments have evolved and not all of them are as compatible as micro needling and Mesotherapy in Dubai. As the name indicates both of the treatments work on the principles of needling and so their penetration down into the skin is quite marvelous and effective. They are highly effective against scars and marks that are embedded deep down and need to be removed inside out.

Here are some major differences and important aspects regarding mesotherapy and micro needling you will be amazed to learn about. 

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure in which a single needle based injection is drawn into the skin for injecting various vitamins, chemicals and other substances into the skin. The chemicals injected are set to improve the skin’s overall condition and Especially targeting the problematic areas. 

Mesotherapy is responsible for rejuvenating and repairing the skin. The best part about the treatment is it is not just limited to skin benefits but also has its effects over the hair and the scalp, promoting hair growth and nourishment.

What is Microneedling? 

As far as Microneedling in Dubai is concerned the treatment is slightly different than mesotherapy.  Micro needling is a minimally less invasive treatment in which not a single but multiple needles are inserted into the skin to create some tiny puncture wounds. This functioning of the wounds in turn triggers the skin’s defense mechanism that causes the release of certain mediators that are  responsible for repair and regeneration.

Microneedling vs Mesotherapy:

There are a certain differences between micro needling and mesotherapy here is a closer look based on micro needling versus meso therapy: 

The Length of the Needle:

The needle that is used for mesotherapy is a single one and has an extensively longer shaft. The needle used for the process of micro needling has short shafts. 

In the case of micro needling multiple needles are used to penetrate the skin. However, mesotherapy just uses a single elongated needle for penetration.

The Penetration Depth of the Method:

Mesotherapy  introduces certain substances like vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid and minerals directly into the skin this in turn triggers the production of collagen and elastin which is responsible for the skin’s elasticity.

Mesotherapy penetrates a lot more deeper than Microneedling:

In the case of micro needling the depth is minimal and the mechanism of repair and regeneration is done by creating wounds. 

The Speed of the Treatment Delivery:

The speed of the treatment delivery is considerably the same in both the treatments, however the upgrade of absorption varies  to candidate. Some would benefit from microneedling faster whereas some would show better results with mesotherapy.

Potential Risks:

When the potential risks are taken into account meso therapy generally shows less risks because of the use of a single needle while microneedling may show some signs of blood oozing from the treated areas in some candidates. 

The rate of recovery is almost the same for both of them. However it is suggested that you need to stay away from the sun as it can cause some irritation after the treatment. 

Which One is Best for Me? 

The choice whether therapy or micro needling mesotherapy depends upon your skin clarity, the kind of imperfections, the problems associated. This is generally analyzed by your aesthetician and so they know which treatment is better for you. 

Mesotherapy is ideal for candidates who want to regrow their hair, have Dark Circles around their eyes and want to improve skin laxity. 

Micro needling is ideal for people with pitted scars, have lots of indented scars and would require a skin resurfacing. 

What are the Benefits of Microneedling and Mesotherapy? 


  •  Used for the treatment of dark circles around the eyes.
  •  Work against acne scars.
  •  Impart Pigmentation from the face.
  •  Have a relatively greater effect on the Cellulite.
  •  Help in the stimulation of hair growth.


  • Work very effectively over pitted and indented scars.
  • Helps promote collagen and stimulates the skins elasticity.
  • Better absorption of moisturizing products into the skin.
  • Prevents aging and fine lines on the skin.

What is the Cost of Mesotherapy and Micro needling? 

If you have cost related concerns about micro needling and Mesotherapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi then feel free to pay a visit to the Dynamic Clinic and the UAE. The estheticians available over there will cater you by analyzing your aesthetic related problems and will guide you everything from treatment to cost. 

The Final Verdict!

Everyone deserves to have perfect skin with clear clarity and glow. A big thanks to treatments like mesotherapy and Microneedling in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that have taken aesthetic medicine to a very next level. Gear up yourself and book your appointment in the Dynamic Clinic for scheduling the treatment of micro needling and mesotherapy NOW!