Mesotherapy for Hair Cost in Dubai

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Mesotherapy Treatment in Dubai is a procedure that involves injecting a concrete answer into the face or body. Specific vitamins, amino acids, and other components (such as Hyaluronic Acid) are utilized in the solutions, enhancing skin texture, minimizing acne, reducing pigmentation, and improving hair development.

Commonly this procedure has opted for skin rejuvenation. Mesotherapy for the face works miracles. The process involves injecting several micro-injections into the mesodermal layer of tissue beneath the skin to improve the plumpness and density of regions including the face, eyes, and neck.

Currently, this procedure is opted for by people with hair loss concerns. The process is built on nourishing vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. A cocktail of strengthening substances is injected into the scalp, customized to individual hair issues, to cure hair loss, dandruff, and bald spots.

With this procedure, the ingredients that nourish the hair follicles can effortlessly accumulate in the hair. This procedure can address hair loss because it thickens hair, prevents hair loss, and helps restore thicker and shinier.

Let’s learn about Mesotherapy for Hair Costs in Dubai offered at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai!

Mesotherapy Cost for Hair:

Depending upon the sessions, mesotherapy cost for hair varies. The average price of one session is AED 450, for three sessions AED 999, and four sessions AED 1,200. Due to its explicit nature, mesotherapy is one of the popular treatment plans for Hair Loss. The cost is calculated via external factors, so it is advised to consult the doctor for accurate cost details.

Factors Impacted the Cost Calculation:

The following are a few cost-determining factors:

  • A patient’s required number of sessions.
  • Qualifications and experience of a surgeon in the domain.
  • The reputation of the clinic and its locality.
  • Size and location of the treatment region on the scalp.

Insurance Claim:

Mesotherapy is regarded as a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure. Because it is not medically appropriate, most insurance providers do not reimburse the expense. Confirm with your healthcare insurer the policy before filling out the form with a dermatologist.

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss:

Mesotherapy in Dubai is frequently utilized for skin renewal and fat removal, but it can also cure hair loss. It can help with most hair loss issues, particularly those caused by alopecia.

Mesotherapy is a good hair loss treatment since it helps to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth by doing the following:

  • Keeping hormone levels mostly around hair follicles in check.
  • Providing follicles with critical nutrients.
  • Circulation improvement.

Mesotherapy for Hair Benefits:

Here are a few significant benefits a person can gain from Mesotherapy for Hair:

  • It is a painless procedure.
  • Minimize the process of hair fall.
  • Excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is neutralized.
  • It helps in dandruff reduction.
  • It possesses a quick recovery process.
  • It is an effective hair loss treatment.

Take Away!

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive hair loss treatment. Although there isn’t sufficient concrete evidence to prove its effectiveness, it has gained popularity. This procedure, the correct mixture, and injection are critical. Indeed, to avoid such incidents, it should select a qualified practitioner for such an aim.

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