Laser Liposuction Cost in Dubai

Exercise and diet plans promise to reduce stubborn fat and improve skin texture, but unfortunately but they both aren’t that effective. You can get a toned body with Laser Liposuction in Dubai. It is the only possible way through which you can remove fat permanently. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed with the help of a surgical device attached to a suction tube. It gently melts away fat and improves collagen production which in turn results in substantial skin tightening. Another piece of good news: small and delicate areas can be treated safely with no complications.

But how much does Laser liposuction cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? There is not a simple answer to this question. In actuality, the cost varies since there are multiple factors that may affect it. Read on!

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of laser liposuction in Dubai is highly variable and typically ranges anywhere from AED 11,000 to AED 23,000. Unfortunately, the treatment and recovery costs are out of pocket. Otherwise stated, insurance companies do not cover them.

Just so you know, the cost majorly depends on the factors given below:

Location of the Clinic:

The cost will depend on the geographical location of the clinic. For example, the cost of living in bigger cities is more than in smaller ones.

Skills of the Surgeon:

The expertise and experience of the surgeon can affect what he charges.

Amount of Fat to be Removed:

The cost can also increase or decrease depending on the amount of fat to be removed. On this ground, you should consult with the surgeon beforehand. In this session, he will perform a thorough physical examination in which your important vital signs will be observed carefully.

Travel Costs:

Even though it’s not something that the surgeon will charge but it’s still a price you need to consider. For example: For major surgeries, you have to travel to meet the best surgeons. So, it’s important to consider these prices to determine if you can afford the surgery or not.

Treatment Area:

The cost will also depend on the size of the area that needs to be treated. For larger body parts like the tummy, and buttocks, the treatment may become more expensive.

A Financing Option:

Cosmetic surgeries don’t come at small costs. You need to spend lots of money to get any of them. However, we are delighted and proud to announce that at Dynamic clinic, we bring you 100% financing loans. They are interest-free means you will be only paying back the principal. However, in some cases, there also may be additional costs including the recovery charges, check-in fees, consultation prices, and the fees of the surgeon.

The Bottom Line:

If you have money and planning to invest in Laser Liposuction, it is important for you to do your research. You can get consultations at several different clinics so that you can find the best surgeon and clinic for your treatment.

Just remember that like other surgeries, you can get laser liposuction with little or no money out of your own pocket.

This is all done with the help of our interest-free loans. But keep in mind the cost of treatment will be different for different body parts. For example for larger body parts, the price of treatment will increase twice.

For more information about laser liposuction costs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, contact us!