Laser Birthmark Removal Cost in Dubai

Environmental variables, age indicators, and underlying skin disorders all impact our skin. Aside from this, we may have had various patches, markings, or scars on our skin from birth. These markings usually do not damage us, but they might affect our look if noticeable. As a result, many individuals contemplate getting birthmarks removed in Dubai. Please keep reading to discover more about birthmark removal treatment processes, outcomes, advantages, costs, and other details.

What exactly are birthmarks?

Birthmarks are a form of uneven skin tone that can appear at birth or within the first couple of weeks of life. They differ in terms of color, size, and appearance. Although the majority is innocuous, a few may signal an actual medical concern. Birthmarks are frequently eliminated for aesthetic reasons as well.

Birthmarks and Their Types:

Many birthmarks fit into one of the two groups listed below:

  1. Vascular birthmarks occur when arteries cluster in one place of your body or become broader than they might be.
  • Salmon patches are reddish or rosy spots that appear between the eyebrows or on the neck.
  • Hemangiomas are pink, azure, or red tumors that commonly develop on the neck and head.
  • Port-wine spots are red streaks that can appear on any body part. They do not disappear with time and, if left untreated, may develop darker. Medical attention may be necessary if this creates on the eyelid. The skin around the birthmark could also appear dry.
  1. Pigmented birthmarks form when pigment cells proliferate in one location.
  • Moles (congenital nevi) vary in color and shape and are commonly circular. Some are flat on the skin, whereas the majority is slightly elevated. Skin cancer might be connected to a transformation in a lesion over time.
  • Mongolian blue spots are flat, bluish-gray patches that occur more frequently in persons with a darker complexion. They are most common on the lower spine and buttock.

What Is the Purpose of Birthmark Removal Surgery?

Birthmarks are usually innocuous pigmentations that disappear or remain consistent throughout a person’s life. When the following conditions occur, the removal procedure becomes necessary:

  • They are in sensitive areas, such as the face, and may interfere with your normal activities.
  • When the mark begins to grow in size and the pigmentation intensifies.
  • When diagnostic testing demonstrate that carcinogens cause pigmentation, removal surgery is required.
  • When they conflict with your personality, you must remove them for aesthetic reasons.
  • Since some of the markings, particularly strawberry marks, develop into infection due to being in a region that is constantly inflamed.

Cost of Laser Birthmark Removal:

The laser birthmark removal cost in Dubai varies depending on the procedure used and the kind of lesion. To place it another way, the price is determined by the following factors:

  • The clinic’s location 
  • The clinic’s geographic location 
  • The technique utilized for birthmark removal
  • The number of sessions required for removal 
  • The doctor’s certification and expertise
  • The birthmark’s position, size, and color

The laser birthmark removal cost starts at AED 600, depending on the criteria mentioned above. As a result, the average price is AED 2000. If you wish to learn more about its fees, contact us immediately.

Does health insurance cover it?

Some health insurance policies include cosmetic procedures such as birthmark removal. If you have medical insurance, check your policy documentation or call the insurance provider to see if birthmark removal therapy in Dubai is covered. If you don’t have medical insurance and do not wish to pay the entire cost, you can use the therapy financing option.


Laser birthmark removal in Dubai is a practical approach to remove the sign and restore the skin beautiful. If you have got a birthmark, you could be curious about birthmark treatment in Dubai. You can speak with your dermatologist to learn more about the price of birthmark removal therapy in your specific circumstance.

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