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Coming into this world with a birthmark on your beautiful face does not make your parents love you any less. But they’ll be worried about how it will be affecting your self-esteem and appearance, and you’ll be spending your childhood with the memories of bullying from all over.

You might find it challenging to get rid of that scar from your face, but Laser Treatment for the Birthmark is here to make you the happiest of all time. You will always shine like a star without experiencing intense surgery or painful therapies. 

Let’s know the incredibleness of the lasers!

Quick Facts:

Let’s know the quick facts about lasers for birthmark removal:

Surgery Duration: 30 minutes.

In or Outpatient: No Hospital Stay.

Type of Sedation: Gets done without sedation.

Recovery Period: Two weeks.

Final Results: Six to Nine months.

Follow-Up Sessions: Monthly follow-up sessions are required.

Laser Therapy for Birthmark Removal On the Face:

This non-invasive therapy gets performed without sedation and is well-tolerated. Your doctor will decide best for you if you need anesthesia or not. 

The dermatologist directs the laser at the birthmarks or blood vessels. These marks absorb the energy from lasers, which heat and destroy them. The permanent mar removal will be done after a few sessions. 


As the laser is a Non-Invasive Treatment its recovery is relatively quick and easy, with minimal discomfort and irritation for up to 24 hours. No intense complications but minimal swelling and bruising are also expected, which will subside within a few days. 

Note: Using ice packs will make the healing smoother. 

How Many Follow-up Sessions Are Required?

The required number of sessions largely depends on the birthmark’s severity and size. Generally, three to four laser sessions per month are enough to eliminate the marks permanently. Still, the patient will be visiting their doctor’s office for frequent sessions if the affected area is large. 

How Long Will It Take to Show Up The Results?

Lasers are not magic but offer effectiveness for a lifetime after taking multiple sessions. The results will not be quick but visible within six to nine months. 

Are Lasers Permanent For a Birthmark Removal on the Face?

Yes, in most cases, lasers provide permanent results in lighter birthmark elimination. In the case of very dark and larger birthmarks, they can only fade to 50%

Laser Treatment for Birthmark Removal Dubai:

On average, the Laser treatment for Birthmark Removal Cost in Dubai starts from AED 600, depending on the severity and darkness of the scar and the number of sessions a client needs.

Does Insurance Cover Laser Treatment for Birthmark on Face:

Most insurance companies do not cover lasers, considering them cosmetic therapies, but some insurers cover them in case of hemangiomas and port-wine stains on the face and the neck. These issues get treated by Intense-Pulsed Dye lasers for medical needs. 

This is not an issue to worry about because financing plans are available.

Finance Options for Lasers At Dynamic Clinic!

In your first consultation at Dynamic Clinic, if your insurance company does not cover your treatment plan, ask your Dermatologist about the financing plans if the cost gets out of budget. We have the best financing options for all procedures with 100% loans and 0% interest.

The smart payment method with a debit card will do it all for you. All payments will be provided by the Emirates Bank of Dubai at once, and you can easily pay them back in monthly installments. Remember that therapy exceeding 10,000 AED will be catered.

Experience the Smooth Journey of Scars to No Scars!

No scar journey will not be one including cuts and incisions but a painless therapy leading you towards the appearance you wanted to have for so long. The team of board-certified medical professionals offers Laser treatment for Birthmark Removal in Dubai with exceptional services and the best finance plans.

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