Birthmark Removal Without Surgery Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Is your birthmark causing you to be bullied and body shamed?  Do you think that it is a hindrance in your beauty? Then here is the deal. Our Dynamic clinic situated in the suburbs of Dubai is now offering some outstanding treatment for birthmarks in any part of the body or even you can get a birth mark removal on face just by a simple treatment such as laser therapy. Here is all about laser therapy including the do’s and don’ts. Give it a thorough read and thank yourself later.

What Are Birthmarks?

As the name suggests, birthmarks are actually scars present in the skin of a person by birth.  They are not acquired or occur because of any external reason.  They are a collection of abnormalities in the blood vessels or can be because of excessive pigmentation and production of melanin in a particular area.

It can be present on any area including the face, hands, chest, the body or the legs. There is no device by far discovered that can detect the presence of the birthmark in an infant before birth.

A lot of people are shy and feel hesitant to socialize because their birthmarks look very displeasing and violate their self esteem.  In such cases choosing the right birth mark removal treatment in Dubai is very essential.

What Are The Types Of Birthmarks? 

  • Salmon patch
  • Hemangiomas
  • Port wines
  • Cafe-au-lait spots

What Are The Non-Surgical Treatment Options For Birth Mark Removal? 

Laser Therapy

One of the best methods for birthmark removal without surgery is laser therapy. It has amazing results and the best part about it is that it does not require going under the knife!

Unlike surgical procedures, laser therapy does not require any recovery or healing. You will be sent home right on the day of the session and need not be required to follow any special after care either.

DIY Home Remedies

According to some old wives tales, making a paste of lemon, honey and yogurt and applying it regularly for up to a month can slightly fade the birthmark.  This process is just done on the superficial layer of the skin whereas the birthmark is deeply embedded in the layers of the skin. Such DIY remedies cannot have much effect on the birthmarks and the presence of lemon can be harsh on the skin.

Anti Pigmentation Creams

There  are certain ointments and creams available over the counter that consist of hydroquinone. It is proven to lighten up the birth mark however some hazards have been reported after its long term use.

How Is Laser Therapy For Birthmarks Removal Done?

The procedure for laser therapy for the birthmark removal on the face or the body is the same. Here is how it goes:

  • The Aesthetician will call you over and will examine you closely.
  • He/she will figure out whether the birthmark is associated with any other anatomical structure that may disrupt during the treatment.
  • The marking will be done and a laser light will be emitted.
  •  The laser light generates heat on the blood vessels and gradually the blood vessels start to fade by shrinking up.
  • Within a few days the blood vessels will shrink out completely and the birthmark will slowly and gradually become smaller in size.  eventually it will completely fade off without leaving any marks behind.

Here is a closer and brief look of birthmark removal before and after:

What Is The Cost Of Laser Therapy For Birthmark Removal? 

The birthmark removal cost in Dubai depends upon the condition and intensity of the birthmark, the number of sessions and the procedural technique involved. For further cost related queries you can call us.

The Final Verdict

It is appreciated to love yourself and be happy in your own skin but if you still want to add a spark then you should invest in getting rid of the imperfections that disrupt your beauty. Our vision is to provide  satisfied treatment. We offer many treatments like birthmark removal on the face,  dermal fillers, botox, mesotherapy, hydrafacial, chemical peels etc. These are wholly solely subjected to improving the facial profile.