Hair loss Treatment

Hair loss may be a stressful issue in anyone’s life, especially if it is extreme. It’s a multifaceted condition in which family history, as well as environmental and dietary factors, all have a part. For the past twenty years,  Dynamic clinic has been at the forefront of hair restoration innovations, giving the greatest hair loss therapies for every budget and making the sufferers happy and satisfied with unique and long-lasting solutions. 

Is there a proven way to regrow hair in Dubai?

PRP and hair transplants are the two proven techniques to regrow hair in Dubai. Hair transplant uses your existing follicles for hair growth whereas PRP involves the use of growth factors extracted from your plasma. Let’s learn everything about these procedures so you can make a well-informed decision. 

How is hair transplant in Dubai done?

During hair transplants in Dubai, a tiny part of the hair-bearing scalp is taken from the donating region and transplanted to a receding or hairless region. Various steps have to be followed during this procedure including:

  • Explore the location, and anyone getting a hair transplant should get a full Master Hair Checkup.
  • Depending on the number of hair that is required to be transferred, the specialist determines if a large or small area needs to be modified.
  • Better prepare the donor area for harvesting; the hair must be trimmed short to allow for hair retrieval.
  • Follicles are harvested, and the beneficiary area is stitched; don’t worry, the hair from the plucked region will regrow.
  • Graft units from donor follicles are separated, primed, and ready.
  • On the bald/shaved space, a hole is made. Hair Follicles are then planted into the recipient area. 
  • Graft units are preserved according to the density considered necessary.

Hair transplant Results:

Owing to a remarkable improvement, it is now possible to obtain natural-looking outcomes from hair transplant. The viable hairs are now grafted one at a time by most specialists. This gets rid of the unrealistic doll-like hair that was prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s. Hair plugs, or chunks of hair, were used to fill in the balding areas back then. Those hair plugs become extremely obvious with time. Improvements in the hairline and placement of hairs in thinning areas aid in the creation of natural-looking results. As a matter of fact, the results might appear so realistic that no one will have any idea you’ve had any work done.

How is PRP done?

PRP hair loss treatment is a potential intervention that has succeeded in the restoration of damaged hair especially in the frontal area of the scalp for some patients. It is exceedingly safe because the platelets are extracted from the client’s own plasma, processed, and then administered into the problematic scalp area. This therapy, which is performed once a month, has shown encouraging outcomes in terms of regrowing hair and hair fall management. The growth factor molecules which encourage blood vessel development, cell replication, and skin creation) found in platelets improve the vitality of hair follicles, preventing baldness to a certain level.

PRP Hair Treatment Results

The administration of the patient’s own platelet-derived growth factors increases hair growth naturally. Platelet growth factors cause hairs to change from a dormant to an active state, triggering the hair development process and boosting hair growth and density in dormant shafts in a natural way. PRP in Dubai could be a useful technique for treating certain types of Alopecia and female pattern baldness

Can both these procedures regrow hair naturally!

Although both PRP and hair transplant are proven ways to regrow hair in Dubai but remember they are not effective in all cases. A new hair would not be capable of developing with either of the treatments if the follicles had died, vanished, deformed, or not generated new hairs in months. It is only feasible to regenerate hairs or increase the viability of the existent weaker hairs if the follicles are still active.

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