Hair Transplant Aftercare

Hair loss is becoming more or less a global problem in today’s world. Not only does it make an individual a target of constant ridicule and torment from society, but it also drastically affects their mental health, by making them feel insecure and bad about their physical appearance, and envious of other people who do not have to suffer through the problem.

To counter such an issue, many people have tried various hair loss treatments in Dubai, which include shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. While many of these treatments are easily accessible, they only work for a short time and demand great amounts of consistency and effort from the person. Therefore, the cosmetic industry has introduced several procedures such as hair transplants in Dubai, that can provide a permanent and efficient solution to the hair loss problem. 

Get more information about the PRP treatment and what to do after a hair transplant, through this very insightful article. 

How does the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment work?

With technology progressing vastly as each day passes, the process of PRP in Dubai is quite easy and simple to conduct. The experienced doctor first draws blood from one part of the patient’s body and then inserts it into a centrifuge, where the blood is processed and then reinserted back into the person, through their scalp. The injected blood helps heal muscles, as well as tendon injuries and for hair loss, it activates the growth factors in the cells and improves the blood supply to the hair follicles, which ultimately makes the hair grow thicker and healthier.

What problems might arise after the treatment?

A person may likely experience certain effects of the treatment that lead to their discomfort. However, these only last for a short time and are completely curable if they are taken care of in the right manner. Some of these issues include:

  • Swelling.
  • Itching.
  • Pain.
  • Instant loss of hair.
  • Irritation.

What is recommended after the treatment?

There are some precautionary measures that the doctor suggests that patients take so that they can go through a smooth and pain-free recovery process. Some of these instructions include

Pain Killers:

It is likely, that the patient might experience mild pain in the area treated for a couple of days after the treatment. if the pain goes on for several days in a row, it can cause problems in sleeping and conducting day-to-day activities. Therefore, it is considered acceptable for a person to take painkillers that are available over the counter.

Hair Wash:

While washing the hair after the transplant, the patient needs to be careful, as the step can have an impact on the result of the treatment. Therefore, the doctor recommends that the patient covers the treated area with lotions or a solution that can make the surface smoother. Which helps remove traces of dried-up blood. Furthermore, the doctor also suggests not rubbing the scalp after the hair has been washed.

Sleeping Position:

After the procedure, a patient should sleep on their back, with their head elevated with the assistance of a few pillows. This measure is important to take, as it avoids the treated scalp from being touched, which is crucial to follow for the first few weeks. 


As it is suggested to not touch the recipient area for a few weeks after the treatment, then it should not be shaved either. This step should be followed for at least a whole month, after the completion of the procedure so that the hair follicles are not affected. 

Special Hat:

Immediately after the completion of the treatment, the doctor provides the patient with a Panama-type hat, which the patient is supposed to wear whenever they are outside or when they are heading back home. The hat ensures that the scalp is protected from any environmental factors that may harm it. For example, heat from the sun and impurities present in the air. 

Physical Activities:

Once the treatment is completed, it is acceptable for the patient to go for short walks or perform exercises, as long as they do not make their scalp sweat too much. Moreover, after completing workouts, it is also suggested that the patient takes a shower. 

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