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Sex is the most pleasurable and exciting part of our lives. At the same time, it is the relaxation and comfort, where there are no specific rules and regulations, you can easily do what makes you and your partner happy. But if you make only a little bit of unconsciousness, you’ll have to pay for them for the rest of your life. One of the things that cause our sex life discomfort for us is Genital Warts!

If you are suffering from warts on your genital areas, Don’t think you’re the one to get these. 

These are the common skin conditions of 40 types and can be treated by several treatments of Warts Removal in Dubai!

What are Genital Warts?

The particular type of human papillomavirus is the main reason behind them. These Genital Warts are spread by HPV mostly during sexual intercourse. They normally appear in the form of small growths or bumps in or around the rectum or genitals. There are many specialized cosmetic treatments to remove genital warts, but once you get the HPV and warts, the risk remains that you can spread these. 

Genital Warts Causes:

A person might get genital warts when gets in contact with Human Papillomavirus. Genital warts usually spread when you have skin-to-skin contact with your partner if they have HPV on the skin during sex. A person can’t get genital warts if they touch themselves or others who have them. 

  • They spread during sex. Following are sexual acts the patient performed, and as a result, they got genital warts:
  • The main reason to get these warts is giving and receiving the oral sex pleasure to the partner who has HPV or warts on the genital area, mouth, tongue or lips.
  • Skin to skin contact with the genital or genital touching but without ejaculation. 
  • The person can also get genital warts during anal sex.
  • In some cases, the newborn baby can get these during vaginal delivery.

How to Get Rid of Genital Warts?

These warts might get multiplied or become more prominent over time. Usually, they go away on their own. People want to get rid of them as they cause irritation and impact your intimate area’s appearance.

Several surgical approaches are used to treat genital warts. The patient may be required to get multiple therapies for the desired results. 


It is a quick short treatment that takes a few minutes to remove warts. Cryotherapy or cryosurgery mainly uses liquid nitrogen applied on the wart and freezes it off to a temperature cold enough. 

Laser Therapy:

The treatment starts under general or local anesthesia. The laser treatment involves directing the intense laser to a wart tissue, and the blood vessels in the wart result in its destruction. The treatment length depends on the number of warts a patient wants to remove. 


Electrocautery, also known as thermal cautery, is a wart removal technique that uses heat produced by electric or direct current to destroy the abnormal wart tissue. The needle gets heated with the electric current and then inserted into the wart. 


Surgery is the last option when other therapies do not help remove warts. Warts require minor surgery to remove, and the surgeon cuts them away using a scalpel or a surgical instrument. 

Warts Removal Cost in Dubai:

The  Warts Removal Cost in Dubai Starts from 600 AED. The price might get high depending on the number of warts and the severity of a patient’s warts. The cost for warts removal in Dynamic Clinic has been specified in a way that it is affordable and budget-friendly for all.  

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