Who doesn’t want a toned body that draws attention and admiration? Regrettably, Exercise and nutrition rarely generate such a body, necessitating surgical intervention at some point in one’s life. One way to make your body sculpted and lose a considerable amount of weight is via a procedure called bariatric surgery.

Continue reading to learn more about this procedure and determine how much weight can you lose with Bariatric Surgery in Dubai.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a breakthrough in weight loss science. It allows for benefits that cannot be achieved with Exercise or nutrition alone, making it a suitable alternative for very obese persons. The procedure comprises creating permanent alterations to the digestive system, restricting the quantity of food that can be held in the stomach, and addressing numerous weight-related health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, joint discomfort, etc.

What are Bariatric surgery types?

Today, the four most common bariatric surgery procedures are Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery, gastric banding, and gastric balloon. Most of these procedures are diet-restrictive approaches that reduce the capacity of the stomach and slow the body’s digestion.

How much weight can I realistically expect to lose?

In general, individuals should expect to rid of around half of their extra weight within the first year of their bariatric surgery. The surplus weight is usually calculated by subtracting their ideal weight from their actual weight. For example, if a patient weighs 300 pounds and their target weight is 150 pounds, they will have 150 pounds as surplus weight.

It’s however worth noting that the exact amount of weight you lose after weight loss surgery is determined by various factors, including the treatment, your age, your food, your lifestyle, and your commitment to making healthy living choices.

Who are the best bariatric surgery candidates?

If you match the following conditions, you may be eligible for bariatric surgery:

  • You are extremely overweight (have a BMI “of 40” or greater).
  • You have severe weight-related health conditions to address, such as high BP, and diabetes 2.
  • Do you want permanent weight loss effects?

How can the weight loss results of bariatric surgery be maintained?

If you want to lose weight by going under the knife, be prepared to make good lifestyle choices for the rest of your life, including:

  • First things first. Employ a restricted diet for up to a month. This allows for a ramping restoration of foods, avoiding gastrointestinal issues, and promoting rapid weight loss.
  • Exercise, Exercise, and Exercise. Patients who exercise lose weight faster and have fewer issues. As a result, you must commit to exercise. Include swimming in your regimen, and walk for at least 35 to 45 minutes on a daily basis.
  • It’s also critical that you commit to a low-fat, low-sugar diet consisting primarily of whole foods.

The Takeaway:

  • Obese patients may find bariatric surgery to be an ideal solution, as it can help them reduce up to seventy percent of their excess weight.
  • The final results of weight loss surgery in Dubai may differ from patient to patient, depending on how well they exercise and maintain a healthy diet

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