How much does PRP Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai is extremely simple. It involves the injection of platelets into the scalp to promote growth factors. The entire procedure is natural and secure due to the usage of the patient’s blood.

Millions of individuals have recovered their hair loss from it. Besides, it’s also being considered for injured tendons, ligaments, and rejuvenating skin cells. Let’s proceed to discover more details!

Among all surgical procedures and artificial techniques, it’s clear that natural ones are most preferred. And of course, in today’s world, no one has the time to go for surgeries, the majority seek quick solutions, and what could be better than PRP?

How Much Does PRP Treatment Cost in Dubai?

Whatever the reason behind getting PRP whether it’s hair loss or skin concern, I expect that this query may be bothering you. As everyone wants to know the treatment rates for figuring out their budget. Fortunately, this blog post is about the cost of PRP along with our finance packages. But before we get into its details, examine the changes you want in your appearance and of course make it, worth it investment at a trusted clinic location.

Average Cost:

The cost of PRP treatment in Dubai is from AED 600 to AED 900. Depending upon the patient’s concern, procedure complexity, and expertise of the surgeon, rates would vary.

For determining a clear idea of cost in your case, book an appointment with us.

Financial Offers:

Since it’s a non-surgical procedure doesn’t cost much but still, if you’re not having enough amount to pay at once, we’re offering a hundred percent installment plan with zero percent interest so you can pay a large amount in parts.

Normally patients consider PRP treatment after Hair Transplant for promoting the growth of implanted follicles. For that reason they avail our financial offer otherwise only PRP is simply affordable in Dubai. Scroll further to know the reason behind it.

Why PRP is Affordable in Dubai?

In short, Currency Difference! In Dirhams you have to pay much less than dollars. Therefore, some amount can be saved while having treatment from Dubai.

How Much Does PRP Treatment Cost in Dubai? This query is excessively high in demand because of reasonable PRP treatments in Dubai. But on the other side, the cost isn’t the only reason behind the high demand for PRP in this city. World’s best dermatologist are serving their efforts here and yes, people travel miles to get treatment from them.

Factors Affecting Cost:

Different people pay different rates for PRP. But keep in mind that without knowing its factors, the final cost cannot be evaluated. However, after attending our initial session, you will get some idea regarding the cost, but for your ease, we’ve listed all the important aspects that greatly upset the actual rates.

  1. Patients’ type of concern
  2. Doctor’s proficiency in this field
  3. Advised number of sessions
  4. Clinic reputation

By upholding such factors you can visit our doctors. Let them know about your aesthetic goals and imperfections you’re facing, so they can suggest you PRP sessions accordingly. Generally, you’ll be charged more for the first session comparative to the rest ones though, they are less priced.

Let’s Conclude!

PRP Treatment is perfect for natural hair restoration. The best thing about this technique is that it caters to every need whether its skin problem, hair fall, or even muscle contractions. It triggers such concerns by increasing blood supply into the targeted area. But keep one thing in mind before getting PRP, ensure your best suitability for it. Generally, it’s not advised to those who suffer from bleeding issues, blood cancer, or any other plasma deformity.

However, we’ve identified every single point regarding the cost of PRP but still, if you want to know more about How Much Does PRP Treatment Cost in Dubai? Please send us your query in chat, or simply visit us.