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Look younger and more attractive with a smooth, wrinkle-free face!

We all want a Charming, Younger, and Eye Catching Look, but this can not be achieved when we have wrinkled skin, which makes us look older. There can be many remedies to get smoother, more attractive and more apparent skin, but none works. 

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Botox Facial:

Botox Facial is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure with the botulinum toxin and the drug made from it called a Botox. It is a cosmetic approach used to reduce the fine lines and deep wrinkles that make you look less attractive and older.  

The treatment takes 15 minutes to 20 minutes to complete. The dermatologist uses thin needles to inject the solution into the targeted facial muscles that cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Who Needs Botox Facial?

  • A person who wants to minimize the wrinkles and crease lines on the face and is more than 18 can go for a Botox Facial. 
  • Botox facial is best for people who have aging lines.
  • Botox facial works best for people of all skin types and ages.
  • People who have real-life expectations from this treatment can have it.

Several Advantages provided by the Botox Facial:

Botox is mainly used to treat the wrinkles and fine lines on the face by relaxing the facial muscles. Still, Botox can also use in several other medical techniques:

  • It is used to cure Bruxism (A condition in which a person grinds the teeth due to pain, anxiety or stress)
  • It also helps reduce the excess sweating called hyperhidrosis on the different body areas like hands, feet and especially forehead.
  • Botox is an effective way to treat gummy smiles.
  • It helps eliminate the visible signs of aging.
  • It helps relieve muscle tension.
  • It prevents migraine, which is another significant benefit of it.
  • It enhances the nose shape and makes it prominent.
  • It helps eliminate the marionette lines (deep facial lines due to aging).
  • It also fights allergic signs.
  • It deals with uncontrolled eyelid twitching.
  • It puts your lips in the perfect shape as the patient desires.
  • It also helps reduce joint pains.
  • It deals with bladder control problems (Urine urgency and accidental leakage).

Is Botox Facial Worth Having?

Botox is an effective treatment that offers both short term long term benefits. Primarily it enhances the facial appearance by dealing with aging signs reducing wrinkles and fine lines; These are its short term benefits. The use of Botox in other medical treatments is exceptional, as mentioned above in detail. The long-term benefit includes preventing wrinkles and fine lines by paralyzing the muscles from getting worse.

How long the Results of Botox Lasts?

The results and the maximum benefits rely on the patients whether they followed the pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions of their practitioner or not. 

Also, the results differ from person to person. Usually, it lasts for about three to six months. But some patients enjoy the results for six months or more. 

Side Effects of Botox Facial:

Botox Facial has rare temporary side effects that are not to be worried about. They can quickly go away within a few days.

  • Slight Pain
  • Mild swelling
  • Headache or Flu
  • Bruising

Botox in Dubai Cost?

Botox Facial Cost in Dubai is generally 700 AED. But the cost varies from patient to patient. The cost can not be fixed or the same for all the treatments. Several factors get involved when the actual cost gets decided.

Patient’s Problem:

The cost mainly depends on which area the patient wants to get a Botox. The price varies according to the body area and how many body areas the patient wants to get treated.

Practitioner’s Location:

The practitioner’s place plays an essential role in defining the price. Suppose the Clinic is located in an expensive area. In that case, the price will be much higher than in the average place.

Clinic’s Characteristics:

The clinical characteristics board certification, medical staff, technology, strategies, and the healthcare facilities for the patient’s comfort and relaxation also gets added to the price.

Practitioner’s Expertise:

A practitioner’s experience and skills matter a lot in cost definition. If the dermatologist is board-certified, he will charge more price than the ordinary one.

Personalized Treatment:

The cost of Botox facials can not be the same or equal for all the patients who get a personalized treatment according to the need. The dermatologist determines how many botox units a patient will need. The higher the number of units, the price will be higher.

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