How Long Does Cheek Augmentation Last in Dubai Enfield Royal Clinic

Many people struggle with facial volume loss — leading to sunken cheeks — every day. When the diet fails to restore the lost volume, professional cheek augmentation is a good option to achieve the desired look. 


Cheek augmentation in Dubai can add volume to the cheeks and lift them in order to improve the facial appearance. We know you may be eager to get this procedure right now, but first things first — you should find out how long cheek augmentation lasts in Dubai. What are my options? What to expect after the treatment? How much does it cost to augment cheeks in Dubai? Here you will find everything you need to know.

Cheek Augmentation Options:

To augment the cheeks, the surgeon may place implants, use fillers or inject fat. The precise technique best suited for your needs will need a proper assessment of your expectations and goals.

Note: Regardless of the method used, the procedure will make the cheeks look fuller.

How Long Do The Outcomes Last?

Let’s take a look at the results of each cheek augmentation procedure individually:

In general, cheek augmentation with fat transfer offers semi-permanent results. Because the fat cells modify over time, it is impossible to get a permanent outcome. But, realistically, you can expect to preserve 70-80% of the restored fat in the cheeks for four to six years.

Implants, on the other hand, potentially last a lifetime but with the need for follow-up treatments.

Next comes fillers. Fillers offer the least lasting solution. But still, this type of cheek augmentation has gained tremendous popularity in the past few decades. Over 20,000+ filler treatments were performed in 2020. One of the main reasons fillers have become the most widely used method is their non-invasive nature, thus minimum downtime, and mild side effects — giving a truly simpler method.

What Happens After The Treatment?

After cheek augmentation, you may expect to feel pain, discomfort, and bruising on your face. Though prescribed medications can reduce the side-effects intensity, they cannot eliminate them completely.

Anyhow, in addition to improving the cheeks, the procedure also delivers face contouring benefits to help you achieve a toned, beautiful, and contoured appearance.

What Steps Can I Take To Maximize The Cheek Augmentation Results?

Besides avoiding sun exposure, you need to take these steps to increase the duration of the results.

  • If implants have been added to your cheeks, you should be careful with your diet. Eat foods that have enough nutrients. This will allow the body to heal well and quickly. In general, it is recommended to eat salmon, olive oil, coconut oil, and walnuts after cheek augmentation.
  • Stop smoking. I repeat stop smoking. Smoking can greatly affect the body’s healing ability and increase the risk of complications.
  • Wait to resume work and even household chores until your surgeon says it is safe. Give your face at least three to four days to fully heal. Avoid strenuous activities, and live a healthy lifestyle

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