Things You Must Know About Cheek Augmentation in Dubai

After the 40s, cheeks become flat and saggy. Here’s an ideal way out of this anxiety!

High, prominent cheekbones are the leading sign of beauty. Women all over the world spend plenty of time bettering their cheekbones through different make-up techniques. But nowadays there is no need to go for such practices. Whether you desire heightened change in cheeks or the fullness you had in the past, Cheek Augmentation can benefit you in every way. It provides defined facial contours and also brings back the lost facial symmetry.

The desired cheek effect can be grasped through cheek implants, patients’ fat, or sometimes dermal tissue filler.

If you’re interested in having Cheek augmentation then luckily you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we have mentioned Things You Must Know About Cheek Augmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Along with this, we have also covered the most common questions asked regarding this procedure. Please proceed.

6 Things Everyone Must Know!

What Happens During Surgery?

The surgical procedure for this cheek surgery is done under local anesthesia and gets completed within 1-2 hours. During the process, surgeons make a small incision inside a mouth and position the site for cheek implants. Afterward, implants are then carefully placed into the directed pocket under the skin. Later than incisions are closed.

Besides, in some cases, filler injections, and fat transfer techniques are also advised.

How Long Do I Need To Take Off From Work?

Indeed this is the most common query everyone asks. In short, the majority is concerned about the recovery period of this surgery.

This surgery isn’t much complex so you don’t have to spend a night at the hospital. Most likely, the daily routine can be continued carefully after 7-8 hours of the procedure. But that doesn’t mean you’re completely recovered. Get off from work for at least a week so you can pass your recovery phase in your comfort zone.

For stitches removal, visit our doctors after 8-10 days.

Who Is The Most Suitable One For This Surgery?

Anyone who goes through from listed conditions is the most suitable one for this surgery. Please check out to know if you’re one of them or not.

  • Flat-deflated cheeks.
  • Wide and flabby face look.
  • Sagging cheeks due to genetics.
  • Loss of tissue in the cheekbone area.
  • Deep smile lines or creases.

How Long Chin Augmentation Results in Last?

While exploring, Things you must know about cheek augmentation in Dubai. I expect that results would be your least concern.

Before we inform you about the long-lastingness of this conduct. Let’s first find out how long you can see the results. Fortunately, the instant difference in the size and shape of cheeks can be observed but don’t assume this facial look ultimately. It will get better with every day and the final settlement might require a few months.

The results you get from cheek augmentation surgery are permanent. However, this can depend upon a few aspects like a skincare routine, hydration, a healthy diet, and so on.

Am I Going To Have Scars?

The entire surgical practice is intended with internal mouth incisions. So you don’t need to worry about scars as scratches won’t affect the outer look of the face. Only implants’ difference is perceived.


The Cost of Cheek Augmentation Surgery or Cheek Implants in Dubai starts at AED 20,000 or $5445. For filler injections and fat transfer, AED 8000 or AED 12,000 will be charged.

However, it’s just a rough estimation of the cost. To determine the exact charges in your case please let our doctors know your cheek condition and the procedure you want to acquire. Or simply just book an appointment with us.


Cheek augmentation is a simple procedure that dramatically refills the lost facial lines for a younger and more youthful appearance. It’s usually performed with three techniques including fillers, fat transfer, and implants. Our doctors will let you know about the prime one which suits you the best. Besides, when done with cheek implants you can simply have a fuller-defined cheek profile. But they will only look natural if they’re of the correct size and done properly.

This blog has explained a lot regarding- Things You Must Know About Cheek Augmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Still, if you hold any doubt, feel free to contact our consultants.