How much does a Cheek Augmentation cost in Dubai

Some people aren’t satisfied with their cheeks to look and want to add volume to it. However, this concern isn’t faced by aged people only, youngsters are also affected by it. Many surgical and non-surgical procedures are there to overcome such issues but the majority prefer having Cheek Augmentation which includes both invasive and non-invasive practices that are advised by the clinician according to patients’’ comfort and demands. However, the cost of Cheek Augmentation in Dubai is high but you can get this treatment at affordable rates by visiting our clinic.

What is cheek Augmentation?

Cheek Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that tends to improve the facial appearance by altering the cheeks according to the patient’s needs. People who have loose and saggy cheeks or they want to add volume to them are the best ones to acquire this treatment. The best thing about this procedure is that patients can choose invasive or non-invasive approaches according to their comfort because the majority of individuals are afraid of getting surgical treatments. Two major techniques used in this include:

1.      Surgical procedures:

In surgical procedures, implants or fat grafting technique is used by surgeons. If people don’t have enough fat in their bodies, cheek implants will be used to enhance the facial appearance which results in bulky cheeks. However, the patients who are healthy, their fat is used in enriching the facial looks which is done through the liposuction technique. On the other side, if anyone wants to highlight their cheekbones, various surgical practices are used to tighten the skin and make them look young and attractive.

2.      Injectable fillers:

Dermal fillers or injectable fillers are non-surgical practices that are used to enhance the cheeks’ appearance by making them bulky. You can understand more about fillers by reading the dermal fillers article on our site.

How much does a Cheek Augmentation cost in Dubai?

The cost of Cheek Augmentation in Dubai ranges from AED 20,000 to AED 40,000 according to the treatment you acquire. However, the clinic location also plays a vital role in it because of its reputation and different market rates. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai provides the best Cheek Augmentation at a reasonable cost. Some major factors on which rates depend:

The treatment you choose:

Invasive and non-invasive approaches both have different rates that vary depending upon the complexity of the procedure. The doctors usually suggest the treatment type according to the patient’s condition. However, many people prefer taking non-surgical procedures which cost less as compared to surgical ones.

1.      Cheeks condition:

Cheeks’ condition varies from person to person. People who face extremely loose and saggy skin will be needing extra care and complex treatment, so the rate would be different. In risky conditions, many clinicians prefer to attend pre-treatment sessions to acquire perfectly shaped and contoured cheeks after the surgery.

2.      Surgeons’ experience:

Cheek augmentation or cheek implants are performed by doctors who have experience of years in performing these surgeries but in case you don’t find an experienced surgeon avoid getting treatment until you find the right one. These surgeons cost different as compared to standard ones however, you can get this treatment in the most comfortable environment from highly experienced surgeons by visiting Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai.

3.      Number of sessions:

Some people don’t get enough upshots in one session, they will be needing to attend another one for desired results. However, the number of sessions is suggested by the doctor according to the face condition so the cost will be different in such cases too because each session has specific fees.

4.      Clinic location:

Every clinic has different surgery rates depending on its reputation, staff experience, market price, and surgery expense. People usually choose a treatment location according to their ease and affordability. Somehow, it’s advised to get the surgery from the clinic near the residential site.

How much is the Recovery Time?

The recovery period varies from person to person but usually depends upon the type of treatment. During the first week, patients face some swelling and redness which fades off with time. However, it’s advised to stop strenuous exercises for a few weeks after surgery. People who get a non-surgical approach can return to the work next day after treatment as compared to the ones who acquire surgical practice, they will be needing 4-6 weeks for complete recovery and visible outcomes can be shown after 1-2 months which last for long-period until your skin becomes saggy due to age factor.

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With growing age, facial skin becomes saggy and loose which makes people self-conscious due to their looks. So are you also suffering from irregular-shaped cheeks? If you want to understand the process of Cheek Augmentation you can feel free to consult Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic for the finest Cheek Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.