How Long Do the Effects of Liposuction Surgery Last

Appreciate the new you with Liposuction! 

Liposuction surgery removes extra fat from the body—tones targeted parts (like hips or tummy) and contours the figure. This surgery is FDA-approved, most popular, and choice of millions of people including celebrities, but still people doubt results. As long as their effectiveness is proved; longevity is concerned. The most asked query comes out: How Long Do the Effects of Liposuction Surgery Last in Dubai? Go ahead with the flow to find the details on its results.

Liposuction Truths:

Liposuction involves incisions. But due to anesthesia, you won’t experience any pain. This surgery has downtime for which you need to mentally ready. Remember, recovery can be painful. It’s common to have pain, bruising, swelling. You only need to follow prescribed guidelines as well as medications.

What Happens After Liposuction?

After liposuction surgery, you will be moved to the recovery room where our nurses will take care of you to help pass smooth recovery. Don’t panic the initial swelling. It might long for 4-5 weeks but later one week you would be enough comfortable to get back to work. You will be allowed to leave the clinic on same day or with an overnight stay.

Waiting for Liposuction Results?

Liposuction results are not instant due to swelling. Your body will come into shape later 2-3 months till you heal completely. But for a complete hourglass figure, give your body a time of one year.

Be aware, how long liposuction actually takes to see results vary from patient to patient. Some people notice improvement after three months some after six months and some even one year. There is no one specific interval that fits everyone. However, in general, keep 3-6 months in mind.

How Long Liposuction Effects Last?

The fat treated with liposuction is gone forever. But you can develop new fatty cells upon eating foolishly. And this is the thing that people don’t realize. Particularly, if you don’t improve eating or exercising habits how you can get the perfect figure for a lifetime.

How long do the effects of Liposuction surgery Last in Dubai? Liposuction results are permanent. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get fat in the future. Patients after gaining weight blame the liposuction results. But in actual it happens just because of their eating habits.

How Can you Maintain Liposuction Results?

Below are the main tips you can follow to maintain the shape of your body.

  • Eat fewer calories
  • Get enough Exercise
  • Drink plenty of water

Do a Few Things to Improve Liposuction Results:

No matter how professional Liposuction procedure you received, if your aftercare is senseless you won’t get effective results. Always prefer to ask doctors; what tips I can follow for a more perfect body? Or what are the things I must avoid? So they can keep you on right track for the most perfect figure.

At the dynamic clinic, we inform all-important tips before you speak anything. Below are the major guidelines we mostly advise to our liposuction patients:

  1. Wear compression garments to shape the body perfectly
  2. Avoid strenuous activities but do regular walks after surgery
  3. Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated


Liposuction surgery is a big decision. No one would want to spend thousands on removing fat that can re-appear later. So the concern of results is normal. Know that, Liposuction in Dubai gives you the perfect body but its perseverance depends upon you. You need to take control of your diet to prevent the upcoming fat in the future.

Follow a healthy diet plan with enough exercise so that you burn the calories.

The Bottom Line:

I hope you find this blog beneficial for the query” How Long Do the Effects of Liposuction Surgery Last in Dubai? Still, for further details, doubts, and confusions, consult us. Use the online form or call us directly at +971588230420.