Filler injection for male

For several years now, beauty standards have revolved solely around women, as they are to look a certain way and then maintain that appearance with the help of beauty treatments. This ultimately means that men are ignored in that area and are only looked up to for having a specific kind of body type.

On the other hand, men who are concerned about their looks have indulged in conventional methods to enhance them, in the same way, that women have. These conventional methods include the use of creams or advanced skin serums to make men’s skin glow and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. However, the methods are known to work only for a short time and are not that effective.

Dermal filler injections in Dubai cannot only help men change their look for the better, but they can also be lighter on the pocket and work in the long run. They help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, are completely painless, and can contour the shape of men’s faces, just the way that they desire.

Get more information about Dermal Fillers in Dubai, how they work, and what their cost is, through this informative article.

How does dermal filler work for men?

The polluted environment and busy lives of men can harm their skin without them even realizing it. If people believe that men’s skin is not prone to gender-related issues like women’s skin is, then they are wrong. However, fillers in Dubai can provide them with a quick and easy solution as it demands minimum effort on their behalf. Dermal fillers can immediately add volume to their face, and remove the appearance of scars caused by acne, and stress lines that form as men age. The way the procedure gives effective results is that the fillers bind with the water molecules present under the skin to restore its volume and make the skin smoother.

What are the other advantages of Dermal fillers to men?

There are many other advantages of men getting dermal fillers. These include

 It can enhance the look of creases and Wrinkles

The way a dermal filler in Dubai can do this is by being injected underneath the eyes of a man, in the cheek, or around the mouth. Basically, any area that is a victim of fine lines and creases. Like women, men’s skin also is a target of extensive sun damage, smoking, age, and other environmental factors. Therefore, the injections can help encourage the production of collagen which instantly helps add volume to the cheeks and mouth area and reduces the visibility of a droopy face as well as fine lines

It can improve the look of a weak jawline

A masculine appearance consists of a sharp and strong jawline, but when facial tissues present above the jawline starts to get saggy, they form pockets of skin and fat that tends to hang at the base of the jaw, ultimately weakening it and destroying its strong look. Hence, dermal fillers act as an angular contour for the jaw. For example, products by the company called JUVEDERM are highly utilised to target deeper and more severe wrinkles and folds present beneath the face, which also includes the nasolabial folds.

Benefits of the procedure

  • It is a non-surgical procedure
  • It does not demand too much time for recovery
  • You can notice immediate results
  • There are no physical restrictions
  • You feel no discomfort during or after the procedure
  • It is a quick procedure
  • A person can obtain natural-looking results

How much do dermal fillers cost?

Dermal Fillers’ cost in Dubai depends on several factors, such as the location of the clinic, the conditions of the skin, the number of injections needed, the expertise of the doctor, and so on. However, the average price of dermal fillers in Dubai is AED 1800, but it can go as low as AED 1500 and as high as AED 2000 per injection.

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