Fillers Injection Cost Abu Dhabi

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: Average cost is starting from approximately 600 AED
  • Target: Wrinkly areas that have lost volume
  • Results: The improved texture of the skin
  • Gender: Equally suitable for both genders like women and men
  • Exercise: Restrain from exercises for almost 24-48 hours
  • Full recovery: Within 7-10 days
  • Downtime: Almost 24-48 hours
  • Back to Work: After almost 3 days
  • Duration of Treatment: it is expected to be concluded within 15 minutes.
  • Type of Procedure: Minimally invasive, injectable  

You can improve the texture and tone of the skin without getting stuck in the query of Filler Injection Cost in Dubai. So, for your ease and to save you time, we have researched and compiled the factors that manipulate and help in extracting the exact cost of filler injection. Anyways, without any further delay, let’s explore the phenomena explained below. So, have a nice time reading!

Fillers Injection:

As the name of the treatment explains it is classified as a cosmetic injectable treatment. Along with that, it is considered to reduce smooth lines, and wrinkles. While also restoring the volume within the skin. On the whole, the youthful appearance of the skin is restored quickly and without getting into the hustle of any surgical or invasive procedure.  

Fillers Injection Cost in Dubai:

The overall cost of the procedure is mentioned below.

Treatment TypeOriginal pricesDiscount * prices
Juvederm-voluma1,500 AED1,299 AED
Juvederm-ultra 41,500 AED1,299 AED
Aliaxin gp1,200 AED1,099 AED
Restylane define1,500 AED1,249 AED
Aliaxin ev1,500 AED1,099 AED
Radiesse filler for neck2,500 AED1,999 AED
Sculptra 10 ml3,500 AED2,999 AED

*Discounted prices are not regularly available. You need to keep an eye on our social media accounts and website to avail an ongoing discount offer.

Factors Manipulating the Cost:

A few factors that are manipulating the cost on the whole are explained below.

Types of Fillers:

The type of filler used during the process also influences the total cost. To understand this concept you can re-read the table given above.

Amount of filler:

Furthermore, the total amount of fluid used during each session also manipulates the overall cost. However, it depends on the intensity and need of the treatment. 

The Area Which is Treated:

Depending on the area, that is to be treated, is interlinked with other factors to disrupt the overall cost.

Intensity and Complexity of the Treatment:

Moreover, depending on the complexity causing the need to be treated creates uncertainty of cost. Along with that, the intensity of the damaged and defective skin also fluctuates the cost.


In case of any issue generated or to treat the existing skin problem the treatment is also amalgamated on its basis. By doing so, the cost of the treatment might differ from the actual one.

Number of Sessions:

By understanding and considering all of the above-mentioned circumstances, the number of sessions is aligned. With the help of this, the prices charged during the sessions fluctuate.

Clinic Reputation:

To maintain the reputation of the clinic by providing FDA-approved services, apparatus, and methods. They might end up charging slightly higher. Furthermore, the reputed clinics also fill their panels with experienced specialists.

Service Charges:

The time, care, and attention the staff and specialists are providing also need to be paid well. So, by compiling them in the form of service charges, they are included in the total cost of the treatment.

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The treatment hardly lasts 15-60 minutes. 

Yes, the interested candidate needs to be at the age of 22 or above.

Yes, the procedure, post, and precautionary measures are conducted on a personalized pattern.

Any individual who is allergic to the fluid used within the injections is not eligible for the treatment.