Does Voluma Filler Lift the Face in Dubai

Beautiful skin is the dream of all individuals. But because of many factors, our skin loses its beauty. It also leads to many issues, including saggy skin and ageing presentations. Ageing, diet, and medications cause skin issues. But people wish for non-invasive and convenient ways. In the realm of preserving youthful and effervescent skin. The domain of aesthetic enhancements offers an array of possibilities. If you want to know, Does Voluma Filler Lift the Face In Dubai? Yes, the procedure is very effective in restoring your baby’s skin. It works like magic to alter your facial symmetry. The best thing about the procedure is that it is non-invasive. And also approved by the FDA.

What is Volume Filler?

Voluma filler in Dubai is an injectable filler for volumizing the face. The treatment helps to add volume to the skin. The injectable fillers contain hyaluronic acid and are also effective for the cheeks. The treatment also works on the nose and under the eyes to make your face look fuller. The procedure aids in removing the signs of ageing from your face. Applicants will see the outcomes after 4 to 5 days after the treatment. The results are not permanent, but they can last for 18 months.

How do I Prepare for the Procedure?

It is the most effective facial rejuvenation treatment. But the treatment demands preparation. It will also help to get reliable results from the procedure. The following are the pre-procedure instructions for the treatment:

  • The applicant must disclose skin allergies to the expert.
  • You must avoid taking all medications before the treatment.
  • Candidates must stop applying cosmetics in the target area.
  • You must not go for any facial laser treatment on the target area.
  • Applicants must not have any other facial issues.

How Does the Voluma Filler Work?

The procedure is very effective and reliable. But if you want reliable outcomes, then you must select an experienced doctor. The Voluma Fillers In Dubai work in the following steps:

  • The expert will apply the antiseptic solution to the target area.
  • Then the expert will apply the numbing gel to the target area.
  • Then the expert will mark the target area with the marker.
  • The dermatologist will inject the solution with small needles.
  • Once it’s done, they will rub the target area.
  • Then the expert will apply the moisturizing healer for the recovery.


Following the administration of Voluma, the applicant may experience discomfort. But the healing period after the procedure is short. But you must follow the expert’s guide for reliable outcomes. The following are the aftercare instructions for the treatment:

  • You must apply the cold compressor to the target area.
  • You must avoid using any medication.
  • Stop applying cosmetics to the target area after the treatment.
  • Candidates must avoid other cosmetic procedures after the treatment.
  • You must avoid heat and sun exposure.

Benefits of  Voluma Filler:

The Cosmetic Filler works by injecting hyaluronic acid into the target areas. This helps to add volume and hydration to the skin. The treatment gives it a lifted and plumped appearance. The filler also stimulates collagen production. Which contributes to the long-term improvement of the skin’s elasticity. The following are the benefits of the procedure:

  • Achieving Facial Contouring:

One of the primary goals of  Voluma Filler is to create a lifting effect on the face. By injecting the filler into the volume loss area. The procedure helps to contour the face. This can lead to a more defined jawline, and lifted cheeks. The treatment gives you a smoother appearance.

  • Addressing Sagging Skin:

As we age, our skin’s natural elasticity decreases in the facial area. It also leads to sagging and drooping. It helps address this issue by providing structural support to the skin. When injected into the cheeks, for example, it can restore youthful plumpness and lift. The procedure also reduces the appearance of sagging skin.

  • Natural-Looking Results:

The key advantage of Voluma filler is its ability to deliver natural-looking results. The procedure helps to tighten the saggy skin. Because it adds volume to the volume loss area. But enhances the face’s features in a subtle and balanced way.

Is There Any Risk to the Treatment?

The procedure is safe and has also been authenticated by the FDA. But the safety of the treatment depends on many factors. Because proper dose and correct administration alter safety. We’re holding a 100% success rate for the treatment. Because we have a qualified dermatologist. The procedure delivers reliable outcomes that last longer.

Cost of  Voluma Filler:

The cost of Voluma filler in Dubai is reasonable. It ranges from AED 200 to AED 3000. It’s a rough estimate of the cost. Because the expert will decide the cost of the treatment after the consultation. The following factors can alter the expense:

  • Applicants’ facial condition.
  • The need for the injectable.
  • The severity of the target area.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • The experience of the expert.

Why Choose Us?

The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai is a reliable place for treatment. We have experienced experts for the treatment. They also use advanced technology for the treatment. You must get the treatment from our expert. Fill out the consultation form below and book a consultation.