Home Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai

Find out if you can whiten your yellow teeth without leaving home. Also, discover how much this can cost you.

Teeth begin to fade with age, but many methods can slow this process down and even stop it. Applying hydrogen peroxide to the teeth is one way to whiten them at home. Hydrogen Peroxide is a versatile liquid with many other amazing properties. You can buy its bottles at almost all grocery stores. Just you know: the bottles are usually diluted to about 3% and some are even diluted to about 10 percent. Dilution is essential when it comes to teeth whitening because when the concentration is too high, Teeth Whitening can damage the tooth enamel. Customized Teeth-Whitening Trays is another way to brighten yellow teeth. The doctor dentist will prepare the tray in his laboratory and will give it to you to use at home. In this article, we will cover the basics, and discuss what Home Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai includes:

What Is The Average Cost Of Home Teeth Whitening?

The price tag varies depending on what type of whitening kit you pursue and what ingredient you use. The cost tends to be more affordable than in-office teeth whitening but office treatments may provide more reliable results. Other factors that may take part in the final cost include the geographical location of the clinic, additional treatments need to be performed, and what type of technology is utilized to perform the whitening. We will get back to these factors later.

On average, the cost of Home Teeth Whitening in Dubai Ranges from AED 700 to AED 1400, but you have to consider other costs as well.

Are Teeth Whitening Kits Effective?

While teeth whitening kits can give really amazing results, they have their limitations. They remove stains and reduce discoloration but the effects do not last forever. Put simply, in-office teeth whitening is better. This is because professional teeth whitening contains up to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Home Teeth Whitening:

Let’s look at a closer look at the factors that affect home teeth whitening costs in Dubai. Friendly reminder, the recommendations given in this article are general estimates. Consultations with the dentist will give you an accurate assessment of the cost of your whitening kit or hydrogen peroxide bottles. They will examine your degree of paleness, oral health, and goals to give you an accurate cost.

Dentist’s Credentials:

A board-certified, experienced dentist typically charges more for their care. This leads to high consultation charges as well as high whitening kit costs.


Clinics situated in larger metropolitan areas will charge more for whitening kits than those located in smaller regions.

Type Of Whitening Kit:

The cost can vary considerably depending on the type of whitening kit given to the patient. You need to talk to a dentist about all the available choices.

Time The Dentist Spends:

Cost also varies based on the time and effort the dentist puts designing a teeth whitening tray.

The Takeaway:

The total cost of Home Teeth Whitening in Dubai will be dependent on the things discussed above, doctor’s credentials, location, and type of whitening kit. The lower end of the range may represent a procedure in a smaller facility, with a less experienced dentist. Additionally, the method used will influence the price.

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