Best Teeth Whitening Clinic in Dubai Abu Dhabi Cost

If your smile is affected by tooth discoloration then it is recommended to go for a teeth whitening treatment in Dubai by a professional dentist at a reasonable cost. It is often said that hydrogen peroxide is used to treat teeth discoloration and it can be used both, the in-office or at home effectively, the peroxide contains a bleaching agent that eliminates this condition. Hydrogen peroxide that is available in stores is diluted at 3% whereas treatments conducted at clinics are diluted at 10%.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

  • Certain beverages and fizzy drinks.
  • Tobacco chewing and smoking
  • Bad oral hygiene and improper brushing
  • Diseases (chemotherapy, infection in pregnant women, and head and neck radiations).
  • Some medications example tetracycline and doxycycline.
  • Aging.
  • Genetics
  • Excess usage of fluoride either through water, toothpaste, and rinses.

What Are The Treatment Options for Tooth Discoloration?

  • Scaling and polishing: There are two types of scaling, one is manual, and the other is ultrasonic.
  • Teeth whitening strips: These contain a thin layer of hydrogen peroxide or another active ingredient adhered to a plastic strip. The best one is crest 3D white professional effects Whitestrips.
  • Office bleaching.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.

How Does Hydrogen Peroxide Whitens Teeth?

This ingredient has a natural whitening effect because it can pass through the tooth structure and break down complex molecules as less complex molecules reflect less light which in return eliminates discoloration of both enamel and dentin.

In What Conditions Hydrogen Peroxide Is Used?

During scaling, it is used in conjunction with root debridement to remove plaque from below the gumline and to disinfect the mouth from building more plaque.

In-office bleaching is a procedure in which a liquid rubber dam is placed on the gum tissue to protect it from any kind of irritation or damage, a bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied for approx. 15 to 30 minutes and peroxide is activated more by using the curing light.

What Are The After-Care Instructions For Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening?

  • No smoking for up to 48 hours until new color sets on teeth.
  • Use painkillers prescribed by your dentist for increased sensitivity.
  • Avoid food and beverages that can stain your teeth.
  • Do not brush on the area where gums are sensitive after bleaching.

Cost of Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening In Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

The average cost of Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ranges from 200 AED  to 400 AED. It also depends upon the condition of your teeth. Consult your dentist for the final cost of your treatment.

Final Verdict:

Every smile counts and every tooth in your mouth matters, if they are appearing pale, yellowish, or brownish with stains then don’t miss to visit our clinic in Dubai for teeth whitening options and get it done in an affordable and hygienic environment from a professional clinician.