hair transplant for womens hair loss

Hairs play the most important part in your appearance and personality. They can transform a person from young to old or old to young. Both males and females suffer from thin hair and hair loss. Men can afford to look bald. But women can’t. 

You have heard about facial rejuvenation treatments, but have you ever thought of Hair Rejuvenation treatments? 

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic has it all for stressed customers! We offer an incredible PRP hair treatment in Dubai by board-certified dermatologists.

What is PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma, one of the body’s most significant healing factors used for rejuvenation. PRP Hair loss treatment mainly works on PRP, a three-step process that deals with hair problems and restores youthful shiny, healthy hair. The process revitalizes the natural hair growth by blood flow enhancement to hair follicles resulting in thick and healthy hair. As the patient’s PRP is used, there’s no chance of rejection. The process is minimally invasive and cost-effective.

PRP Hair Loss Therapy:

PRP hair loss therapy starts by drawing a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm. Then, the drawn blood gets put in a machine called a centrifuge. In 10 minutes, the fluids of different densities get separated into three layers. Platelet Poor Plasma, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Red Blood cells.

The dermatologist picks the Platelet Rich Plasma and injects it into the scalp, where augmented hair development is needed.

Advantages of PRP Hair Loss Treatment:

  •  Hair Transplant for women is a potent and highly effective treatment for people of all ages who have been going through thin hair and earlier phases of hair loss.
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), the essential body’s natural growth factor, activates hair follicle growth, so there is no rejection.
  • The treatment nourishes thin hair and helps increase hair thickness.
  • PRP for hair loss is the revitalization process that helps reduce dandruff.
  • Since it is a non-surgical method with no chemicals used, the treatment requires no down and recovery.
  • The procedure is tolerable and almost pain-free. The patient will only experience little to no discomfort. 
  • It is a short and easy process. Once the injections get prepared, it will only take a few minutes to complete the treatment.

How long does PRP hair loss treatment take to show the results?

Within 10 to 14 days after getting the PRP hair loss treatment, the patient will start seeing a significant difference in the new hair growth, hair density, and hair thickness in the treated area. It is strictly advised to follow the dermatologist’s instructions for minimizing risks and getting exclusive benefits. The patient will experience the complete results after three to six months of initial treatment.

How long does the PRP for Hair Loss Last?

The long-term effects of the PRP treatment rely on the individual patient. The patient can enjoy the long-term effects of the treatment for 12 months or more by following the dermatologist’s instructions by taking good health care and a healthy diet. It is recommended to get follow-up sessions for maintenance and prolonged results.

Is PRP for Hair Loss worth it?

Yes. PRP for Hair loss is worth it for those who want to restore youthful shiny hair but consider it scary to go under the knife. The treatment is considered very effective and long-term. It works efficiently in treating thin hair and hair loss in both men and women. No harmful chemicals are involved, but your body’s growth factors so you can get the desired results. 

Cost of Hair Transplant in Dubai:

The price of a Hair Transplant in Dubai is generally expected to be 700 AED for one session. 

1,750 AED for three sessions (583 AED per session).

1,980 AED for four sessions (495 AED per session).

The hair loss treatment price in Dubai is not specific, depending on the individual patient. 

It relies on:

  • The area size a patient wants to be treated.
  • The number of sessions and customized treatments.
  • The dermatologist’s skills and experience.
  • Clinic’sClinic’s location and specifications.

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