hair loss after chemo therapy


Hair loss after chemotherapy is a major drawback that the cancer treatments come about with. It is not just painful physically but also painful mentally because chemotherapy alters many changes in the body especially targeting the hair. Previously people who had hair fall after taking chemotherapy sessions used to wear wigs made out of synthetic hair. However, now things have become more advanced and improved. We owe a big thanks to medical technology as there are now new and improved methods of hair regrowth even after complete baldness. This article guides about the hair loss treatment in Dubai and how they are carried out. 

Why Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss? 

Cancer or tumors itself have no effect on the hair growth and loss as such however, the treatment that is done in accordance of Cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation are the major causes of hair loss. According to the studies and researchers chemotherapy causes the cells of the body to stop regrowing specially targeted not just on the scalp but all over the body. Not only does the hair on the scalp fall off but also the hair on the eyebrows, arm pits , hand and legs are evenly affected by chemotherapy. It causes a great deal of pain and discouragement in the appearance of a person. 

What Are The Treatment Options of Hair Regrowth After Chemotherapy? 

Synthetic wigs : 

This is one of the most conventional methods and is still used by some cancer surviving patients. However the risk of bacterial contamination is higher and so the use of synthetic with as a replacement of hair loss is obsoleted.

Minoxidil sprays:

These are sprays that consist of minoxidil as a chemical that has been said to induce hair growth and improve cellular turnover. 

Hair transplant:

Hair transplants are very reliable and have no side effects. They are done by using a candidate’s own  cells and substances from the body. 

PRP Hair Treatment:

You will be amazed to know that PRP ( platelet rich plasma) is one of the successfully running treatments for hair transplantation. We have created many patients who have been suffering hair loss after taking chemotherapy sessions. 

What is PRP? 

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. It is a new and improved technique that has been successfully regrowing hair and replacing alopecia and hair loss remarkably. 

Here is how the PRP functions: 

PRP in Dubai is drawn from a patient’s blood and is then re-injected in the scalp at various sites. It is then left to expect that the cells will regrow and will cause the hair to grow within a few weeks. It is considered as the best hair transplant treatment in Dubai. 

How is the PRP Treatment Done? 

Blood is drawn from the candidate’s body, it is then sent for centrifuging. Centrifuging causes the separation of blood from the plasma. The plasma is completely rich in platelets and hence it is responsible for the help. Once the plasma is separated it is then re-injected into the scalp of the candidate where the markings are made by the professional expert. 

After a few days tiny hair will start to grow from the injected sites. 

 What is the Cost of Hair Transplantation? 

Cost of hair transplant in Dubai varies from case to case and person to person. You can look for the discounted office in packages we introduce round the year. 

Why Choose Us? 

Our care and affection for cancer treated patients who have underground chemotherapy is valued more than anything. We don’t just believe that hair transplant treatments are for aesthetic purposes rather they are also to restore the self esteem of the patients.

Final Verdict!

You can take the hair transplant in Dubai offered in our clinic by a specialist. 

We will be more than glad to cater you , especially patients who have strived and survived life-threatening diseases like cancers and tumors.