Female Celebrities that have had Hair Transplants

Almost every individual has to suffer some hair loss at some stage of their life so it is becoming a common problem. Hair loss can occur due to uncountable reasons. It could be caused because of genetics, stress, aging, hormonal changes, etc. Before choosing any hair restoration procedure you need to figure out the actual cause of your hair loss

Just like normal people, celebrities are also facing the same problem. They have started considering different hair restoration procedures to get back their lost hair. Among these restoration procedures, hair transplant surgery is the first choice of most of them.

With celebrities choosing to go for hair transplants instead of going bald, we highlight those female celebrities who have undergone Female hair transplants to retain their youth and perfection.

Fergie Duhamel:

Fergie Duhamel is a famous American singer and actress but she got a lot of fame and love from people because of her looks. Just like other celebrities, she was also very much beauty-conscious because hundreds of females idolized her. She was dealing with a hair-thinning problem for a long time and at last, decided to go for hair transplant surgery. By looking at her before and after photographs you can see how brilliant results she got from this hair restoration procedure. She had to wear hair extensions in all her performances which then came out to be a major cause of her hair loss. It was very difficult for her to handle the hair-thinning problem so she decided to treat it at its early stage before it gets worsened. She underwent the surgery and got 100% satisfactory results.

Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston had a lead role in the American TV series “Friends”. Her iconic hairstyle in the series got a lot of attention and a large number of teenage girls admired and adopted that hairstyle. But after years her hair started to thin and fall. In an interview when she was asked about her hair loss she blamed hair extensions as the cause of her thinning. The fear of going bald made her choose a hair restoration procedure. Her before and after photos reveal that she has had hair transplant surgery because now she still has increased hair density on her scalp.

Stephanie Davis:

We all know Stephanie Davis. She worked in different British television shows and gained a lot of fame. In an interview, Stephanie Davis said that she was highly trolled because of her high forehead and thin hair. The stress that she was experiencing made her opt for a Female hair transplant in Dubai. In addition to that, she also said that hair transplant is not for only males, females can also enjoy its tremendous benefits if done by an experienced surgeon. Her transplant surgery was performed by Dr. Zabeeh and she was very satisfied with the results she got. During the procedure, Dr. Zabeeh took healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp and implanted them on the front to lower her hairline.

Oprah Winfrey:

She is an American media executive, actress, producer, and philanthropist. Oprah Winfrey is doing a great job therefore, busy gaining a lot of popularity and love from people all over the world. We have been seeing her on television for years and you must have noticed that she has been adopting different hairstyles but do you know that she had a hair transplant? Shocked? But it is the truth. Like other celebrities, she has also suffered from hair thinning and baldness which made her choose to go for this restoration procedure. She overcame the hair loss problem and still enjoying the benefits of the surgery.

So, these were some female celebrities who had hair transplant surgery to improve their hair density. If you want to get the results that they got then you have to look for a good surgeon. Visit Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic we have experienced, qualified, and skilled Hair Surgeons working with us.