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Getting tired of the busy schedule that does not allow you to make time for your hair? Tired of using shampoos and conditioners from the local market? All these problems can vanish through one effective process of hair transplantation. 

Over the past couple of years, thin hair has become a problem for almost every woman on the planet. Women lose their hair, not merely because of their age, but the troubles that old age brings with itself. Older people consist of less energy, due to their weak bone structure. 

While shampoos and conditioners can provide a temporary solution to women’s hair thinning problems, there have been introductions of innovative and advanced technologies that can solve this issue permanently, such as hair transplants. Some of the prominent hair transplant techniques used in Dubai include the FUE, laser, and PRP hair treatment procedures. The procedures guarantee effective results and provide women with a quick fix to all their hair thinning problems.

Find out more information about how hair transplantation procedures such as FUE, FUT, laser hair therapy, and PRP work in Dubai for women, through this article.

Hair Transplant methods in Dubai:

As technology has progressed largely over the years, new methods of hair transplants have been introduced. Some of the commonly used methods for hair transplant in Dubai include laser hair treatment.

Laser Hair Treatment:

Laser hair treatment also known as red-light therapy or cold laser therapy is a highly advanced method used to treat hair loss. The method works by absorbing the photons by the weaker hair cells to promote hair growth. Along with this, it assists in increasing circulation and stimulation initiated by the low-dose lasers. The cost of the procedure varies according to the requirements of the patient and what the doctor recommends. However, the treatment guarantees satisfying results. Some of its main advantages are that it is non-invasive, does not cause pain, and shows visible results in just a matter of time. Thus, it has no side effects.

The FUE and FUT hair transplant methods:

Hair transplant for women in Dubai also includes the FUT and FUE hair transplant methods. Both are prominent surgical solutions utilized in the city to solve hair thinning issues. In the FUE procedure, hair follicles are extracted from the skin and then placed on another part of the skin, helping the hair look visibly thicker. On the other hand, in the FUT process, the scalp of the skin is removed, usually from the patient’s back of the head, and then the exact size of the strip is utilized to decide on the number of follicles that would be needed to cover the bald spots of the head.

The treatments are said to be efficient and popular because they are quick fix to hair thinning problems and do not leave any scars behind. This helps the hair look naturally healthy and thick and they last for a long period of time. Giving women the desired hair beauty, they always wished for.

Note: Hair transplants are conducted based on each individual’s hair structure and therefore, a proper doctor should be consulted to determine the right kind of procedure to be used.

How does the PRP hair treatment work in Dubai?

The PRP hair treatment in Dubai is a non-surgical way of making your hair look thinner and more beautiful, which is widely utilized by dermatologists in Dubai. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is known to be a quick solution for any kind of baldness or hair fall. PRP is infused into a specific site to increase the capacity of growing cells and help with damage control. Many doctors have assured their patients that it works because it is painless and quick and works best for people who want a rapid solution without worrying about the side effects. 

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