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Your face is the prominent part that is observed by many at first. If you have any excess fat on your face, that might become the reason for your social distancing. Most excess fat development issues are on the chin, creating an image of a Double chin.

A double chin also referred to as submental fat, is a disorder in which a layer of fat grows behind the chin. A double chin is frequently connected with excess weight; however, it is not necessary to be obese to have it. A double chin can be caused by genetics or looser skin due to ageing.

If you have a double chin that’s troubling you and feels unattractive, you should consider removing it. The unwanted fat under the chin is terminated by two methods: surgical and non-surgical, but people prefer to have fast and immediate outcomes, which Liposuction can assist with. Get connected with us. We are offering the best double chin surgery (liposuction) near you. 

Get Familiar with Double Chin Surgery: What to Expect, Cost, and Recovery

Double Chin Surgery:

Ageing is a significant factor that develops lossy skin, but it can also establish subcutaneous fat in different places like the face, belly, thighs, hips, arms, chin, and neck. One of the worse excess fat development is the chin which builds up and creates a double chin. To remove double chins, people opt for specific solutions at home. Unfortunately, rigid fat does not dissolve that easily.

It is essential to connect with a plastic surgeon who helps with double chin removal. They might utilise invasive (Liposuction) or non-invasive (Fat-Melting Injection) procedures to reduce fat from the chin. The most opted-for Double Chin Surgery in Dubai is Liposuction.

Liposuction is a suction-based operation used to remove extra fat. Both for men and women, it’s the most effective facial cosmetic method. For those who want thinner, more perfect skin quickly, choose this surgery. These operations not only give you a younger-looking face, but they also cover a wide range of age groups. It’s an intelligent approach to changing the shape of a round face without exerting any effort.

Candidates for Double Chin Surgery:

The following characteristics can help determine if a person is a good candidate for double chin surgery:

  • Having a body weight that is average or slightly above typical.
  • Having a healthy lifestyle and no inherent disorders such as hypertension or diabetes.
  • Having skin that is comfortable to the touch and flexible.
  • Being a nonsmoker has several benefits.
  • Liposuction of the chin is not recommended for those with thin membranes.
  • When the fat is gone, skin that isn’t elastic may appear loose.
  • It can also help with minor skin discolouration.

Cost of Double Chin Liposuction: 

The average Double Chin Liposuction Cost in Dubai starts from AED 9,000 (Roughly)

The cost depends upon different factors like:

  • Surgeon’s competencies.
  • Location of the clinic where surgery has opted. 
  • Condition of the patient.
  • Treatment plan opted/suggested.
  • Before surgery tests.
  • The type of anaesthesia used during the procedure.
  • Medication.
  • Follow-ups (if required).

Unfortunately, this type of plastic/cosmetic surgery does not reimburse by insurance. But if the surgery is claimed medically, your insurance company might cover the cost of the procedure. It is recommended to contact your insurance provider for such concerns. 

Note: it is advised to connect with the surgeon for exact cost details. 


Before having this surgery, people should think about a few factors. These are the following:

  • History in medicine.
  • It is not permitted to consume alcohol.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • A person should not take any medication that has been recommended to them.
  • Reasonable expectations.
  • Food allergies to certain foods.
  • Invasive operations have been performed in the past.


Following are what you might expect during and after the procedure:

Expectations During Procedure:

In the treatment of Double Chin Liposuction in Dubai, a cannula is employed. It has the same length as a needle used to remove extra fat. This tube is inserted beneath the skin and used to separate fat cells. Following that, the liquid is vacuumed up through the same tube.

The surgeon establishes a small opening underneath the chin to place it deep within the skin. Because of the incision location, the scars are almost unnoticeable after treatment. It involves injecting fluids into stubborn fat to find things simpler to remove. This way, it reduces bleeding, discomfort, and bruises after the surgery.

Expectation After Procedure:

Below are what you might experience after the procedure:

  • It is recommended that you use pharmaceutical mouthwash.
  • Your face may be bruised and swollen immediately after surgery.
  • The area would take three weeks to heal after this surgery.
  • The benefits are often visible within 3 months. The reason for this is that the face must adjust to its particular notion.


Having a double chin brings you down, but advancements in technology made it easy for people to reduce their double chin through surgery. The benefits of having such treatment are:

  • It develops the sleekest chin appearance. 
  • Long-run fat reduction on the chin.
  • Can operate such procedure under local anaesthesia. 
  • This procedure is the fastest fat reduction procedure for the chin.
  • This procedure only takes an hour to perform. 
  • It has a quick recovery being a surgical procedure. 


The recovery time after Double Chin Removal Dubai, like the technique, determines whether or not should be combined with other procedures.

When such a surgery is performed as a self-contained- contained treatment, recovery is straightforward and often bearable with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Several people can return to work within a week of their surgery, relying on subsequent treatments. The patient must wear a compacted bandage for the first twenty to twenty-eight days of therapy.

Take Away!

Get your double chin reduction with us. We assure to deliver our utmost best quality service care. Our certified plastic surgeons provide accurate diagnoses and treatments that end up on a positive note. Schedule your free consultation by filling up the form below or give us a call. We are here to clear all your concerns about Double Chin Surgery: What to Expect, Cost, and Recovery.